Weekend Update

Pretty much gonna be nonstop from here on out. Lots of big shows, events, and plain awesome hitting the venues. So if you\’ve got nothing better to do, then treat yourself to some of these shows while the summer heats up.



Dos Kolegas\’s 8 Year Anniversary kicks off tonight with a slew of qulaity bands across all genres – stoner rock, post punk, pop rock, and even skinhead punk with Devils at the Crossroad, 16 mins, Li Yan, Misandao, Me Too, and The Beijing Beatles. It’s an Ian Curtis tribute show but let’s be honest, I don’t think any of these cats will be doing any Joy Division covers, nevertheless, it’s a great excuse to round up some seriously awesome bands at School with a lot of attitude and spunk. I flipped for The Dyne back in April and have been dying to see them again. Residence A can do no wrong at this point, and Snapline is always a spoonful of minimalist post punk, After Argument\’s drummer left my roommates jaw hanging, and Little Crow, well have no idea what to to expect with them – that\’s bang for your buck. The newly titled record pushing platform that is Kitchen Table Records is throwing their first of many events tonight at XP hosting a eclectic group of intriguing acts including record heads Richard Doran and Michael Cupoli in their trash blues duo Low Bow, post punk outfit Streets Kills Strange Animals, and electronic maverick thruoutin who will be joined by animator Chai Mai to provide a multi-media series entitled The Sparrow & The Raven – here’s a taste of it here. New Noise brings over Texan post-rock outfit This Will Destroy You to Mao Livehouse for their intense live shows. Ningxia folk rock favs Buyi are throwing down big at Mako Livehouse and if it\’s anything like their MIDI set, this one\’s gonna be fun. For some dirty, mischievous punk head to the Old What? Bar to catch Gum Bleed, The Ghost Dancing, and The Diders. Lao Liu & Sand bring their dusty folk  tunes to the Blue Stream Bar. Lastly, hear the Xinjiang flavor in Tuerxun at Jianghu Bar and dance the night away with Chacha & The Funkadelics All Stars at Temple.


Really every night at Dos Kolegas for their 8 year bash is gonna be a hoot. But if you had to pick one, then give your day and night to Saturday. Just look at the lineup. Not a stinker in there. Heck, it’d be worth it for just Perpetual Motion MachineResidence A, and Rolling Bowling – but throw in SubsBuyiNine Treasures, and ahhh the list goes on. It’s gonna be good fun all around. If you’re feeling stingy, then you can chill on the lawn for four hours till 7pm free of charge. But then you’d miss on the free beer from 8pm to 10pm as well as roasted goat galore. Might just be the first must attend show of the year. Dongzi is one of folk’s finest here in Beijing. The Ningxia-born artist has been kicking around the scene for quite sometime and believe me you can hear it in the man’s voice. Deep and wise. Well, dude’s got a new album out and he\’s showing off the goods tonight at Mako Livehouse. XP hosts indie electro group CnDY along with indie noise makers fresh on the scene The Big Wave. For some more fun head to Mao Livehouse where  softronica group Da Bang, worldy cosmic rockers Faraway, old school rockers Casino Demon, and Thousand of Public keep things lively. A new generation of bands hold the torch at School with The Reason,Strange July, Summer Sunshine, and LifeTest. Swing your gent or lady with everyones favorite gipsy jazz group at Temple with Mademoiselle Et Son Orchestre. Expat trash heavy rockers Abominati releases their latest album with a special performance at the Old What? Bar. Finally, there\’s lots of fun to be had at Blue Stream Bar with Christmas and Candy Monster and feel the blues with Peter Murchison and company as Zhan Ren hit the stage at Jianghu Bar.


Split Works’ continues amassing just about every indie artist with street cred to test their luck in the Big Red. Their latest catch is The Dodos – the quasi-indie folk duo of Meric Long on guitar and Logan Kroeber on drums. While none of the later albums didn’t quite strike me as much as that first one, there’s no denying the skill and dynamic the two have, which I sure will sound bitchin on stage at Yugong Yishan. XP brings out visual artist Kaloan Meenochite and Xin Ma You Jiang for some heavy jamming and psychedelic tripping. Dos Kolegas close the celebrations with an outdoor DJ Party with the likes of Mickey Zhang, Nazz Noise, Leo8633, and Mewenti Sound. New Age Mixture brings a hostful of young and eager bands over to Mao Livehouse including A Month Ago, Dizzy Monkey, Lady First, The Prozax, and Violet Veil.

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