Weekend Update

While Friday is looking alright, Saturday is a juggernaut of a night in terms of gigs. Mammoth might be the word. And you peeps better take in it cause we’re getting closer and closer to the end of anything remotely interesting happening in this town as Chinese New Year creeps up more and more. Get it while you can.


The 80s hard rockers Los Crasher are getting more and more acknowledgement after a few years on the circuit (their recent single “It Won’t Be Alright” hit number four on Jade Music Radio this week) – watch them work their magic at Temple tonight. While Saturday’s show at School is sold out, I’m sure Friday night will just as lively with Perpetual Motion Machine, Longjin, and Fat Tree taking the tiny Wudaoying stage for some new wave rock, reggae, and more. US pop punk heroes The Ataris are in the Big Red, and they’re gonna leave it all on the table at Yugong Yishan with support from our own skate punks Larry’s Pizza. Industrial goth metal group A.J.K (Army of Jade Kirin) don the black for a big night at Mao Livehouse where they’ll play their fans’ favorites. At XP, the beloved Lucifer will perform alongside Lucy & Lily, who are as you guessed an all girl band. If you were hoping for something a little more experimental at Dianmen, no worries, close by at 69 Café Soviet Pop, Lu Xin Pei, and Terrance will turn all musical conventions on their back. Britpop much? Mako Livehouse is bringing a slew of British inspired bands to perform including Brit Box, Spinning Glasshouse, Light Speed, and more. Celebrate Greek music at VA Bar with The Hellenic Sino Band. And lastly, you can catch R&B; lover G-Eleven at Blue Stream Bar, bluesmen Zhen Ren at Jianghu Bar, and Blaque & The Fruits at the Hot Cat Club.


Hardcore fans – it’s not often you get the opportunities to come out and play – well, now’s the time – bumrush yourselves over to Mao Livehouse as French hardcore group Rise of the North Star, and Italians Strength Approach are joined by our own Unregenerate Blood, Saving Molly, and Return the Truth. Maybe Mars is touting these bands as the next big things – trust my friends – Bedstars (who surprised the shit out of me on Monday night), Streets Kill Strange Animals, Dice, and Go Go Rise from Taiwan, will converge on Yugong Yishan for what will surely be a rocking time. Core In China returns with a heavy show at 13 Club, with Nower, Ethereal Wings, Trouble Child, Guinea Pig, and more letting their hair down. Xinjiang legend Askar, Grey Wolf who has played all around the world will have a special performance at Temple tonight – expect this to be the sleeper hit of Saturday. Tianjin, our neighbor, is looking to show off their stock at Mako Livehouse as the city brings over Wang Bao & The Midday Sun, Fa Tiao Ka Mu Suo, Hangover, and Floating Dust. The rock ability giants Rolling Bowling will be out of commission for a bit as Woody says goodbye before hitting up Europe for some fun – see them at 4corners – I’ll sure be missing those rockabilly boys. On a similar note, the Americana clan, The Randy Abel Stable is throwing down a hoedown at Dos Kolegas, possibly the last for both for some time, as one goes into sleep mode and the other hits the studio – expect good vibes all around. Hard rock with big vocals rolls over into the Hot Cat Club with the Red Pirates. Uyghur psychedelic folkster Jurat T.T gets comfy at Zajia Lab, while nearby at the Blue Stream Bar the homegrown Chiren play more of their original tunes. To cap the night off, Los Amigos bring some latin jazz flavor to Jianghu Bar and The Tore Down perform at VA Bar. I suppose if you’re up for it try to stag a sold-out ticket for Omnipotent Youth Society at School – I’ve been told they sold out within two hours of them being sold.


Post-rock four-piece form the UK 65DaysOfStatic who have taken the genres to new levels is getting their chance to show China that they’re the real deal – be there at Yugong Yishan to see if the hype is true. Meanwhile, at XP, blues trash rocker Low Bow is joined by another punk country gutter expat from North East China, GUIGUISUISUI – opportune time to bring out that moonshine. Ethnic folk group Wu Junde perform in Shuangjing at Mako Livehouse along with the acclaimed Traveler. Sunday rock night continues at School where Saving Molly, Bucky Ball, and Cake Bomb let it all out before the weekend comes to an end. Finally, say goodbye to youth at Mao Livehouse with Strange July, New Perfume, and Moka.

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