Weekend Update (24/10-26/10)


Hip hop, electronic brainteasers, music awards, and plenty ol’ punk —- oh my goodness is this a packed weekend and a half. It’s mind boggling just how many different bands across so many different genres are getting out there and making it happen. Do yourself a favor – don’t be a wimp. Stuck it up, bear the cold, don a coat and get out there and listen to something. If only to please the evil smog monster. He’s being extra grumps this week. Oh, and as always check out the calendar for more.

Friday October 24th

Fellow videographer and LBM friend Jonathan Alpart brings his much praised Sound Stage to the Hit FM Live (that’s the 3rd floor of Tango for you noobs) for the 3rd Annual Sound Stage Awards – a rock star studded affairs that looks to honor some of the years sharpest talent as well as gives way for some of Jonathan\’s favorite bands to hit the big stage, including Hedgehog (my album of the year at this point), Residence A (one the scenes most committed bands) and a couple newbies for me – sludge metal outfit Never Before and indie poppers Poshangcun. Love recommendations and love the array of sounds that\’ Alpart will have on offer tonight. Punk sets up shop at Dianmen\’s hotspot for hip sounds, XP, and I couldn\’t be happier – first up, we have the long awaited return of the revamped The Diders, as well as chick rockers Free Sex Shop, whom are catching more and more eyes as of late, and Shochu Legion. New blood in the form of Day Dream and Chinese Modern Guys, one of School\’s many house bands. About time we inject some new juice into the punk scene and the while removing the stick firmly placed up XP’s ass and get people moving there – bring a pack of smokes and some roadies. Hip hop makes it way to all corners of all our fair city tonight – acclaimed hip hop outfit Purple Soul performs at Mako Livehouse, while over at Yugong Yishan everyone\’s favorite MC Nasty Ray throws down with a slew of guests. There\’s also the S.O.S Hip Hop Party going down at DDC with A-Mac, EA$¥ BOYZ GANG, Jackson Turner, and MC Heretic. Nomadic French folk rock duo Vialka bring their reckless antics to XP once again. LBM favorites WHAI celebrate two years of melting faces and creaming pants at Temple alongside post punk chick trio Girl Kill Girls. Down the street at Mao Livehouse things get loud and brooding with Backfire, Magic MamaBrozzers, Easy Lover, and Ephemerality. Get your sweet sweet emo core on with MultiEgo, The SweetEscape, The ProzaX, and Collision Dreamer at School. Finally, catch Fanxing at 69 Cafe for bit of pop in your life.

Saturday October 25th

Free punk all day at one of Beijing’s best kept secrets – there\’s no way this is not gonna be a ball. One of punk’s last genuine totters has rounded up a hell of a lineup over at DMC, one that thankfully gives plenty of facetime to the scenes\’ emerging talent including The Flyx, Shochu Legion, and Found Amber. Of course, house band Demerit will be on hand to whip up a frenzy or two, but it\’s the new blood I\’m looking forward to and the unabashed love the promoters have put behind this bad boy. Check out the whole lineup here – kicks off at noon. Progressive rock trio The Amazing Insurance Salesmen are dusting off the strings for another claim at glory – catch them at Temple as they blow peoples minds. BEME goes big tonight at Yugong Yishan with the gathering of Duck Fight Goose, sporting I\’m told some new sounds, as well as \’legacy\’ electronic duo FM3, who\’ll be releasing their latest endeavor of classically trained electronic music, Spy Rat 51, the new sound experiment from the Soviet Pop team, new Sinotronics label mate FAR/∞, and an all electronic showcase from arty punk outfit SUBS. Hanggai knows Mako Livehouse and Beijing audiences know Hanggai. Grab that horse whip of yours and lets get rowdy. Do I really need to explain myself here? It’s the Inner Mongolian rock gods? Who have cool instuments. And beer bellies. And have raised the roof from here all the way across the world and back. Have a looky looky and try not to get excited after watching. The Mushroom Festival hosted by 69 Cafe returns to homebase after being on the road – they\’ll have V-Day and Bian Yuan performing and telling tales of the experience. Japanese post rock outfit saisa hit up Mao Livehouse as a part of their national tour. Rockabilly lords of the underworld Rolling Bowling keeps it boppin at DDC. For something a bit more jazzy, check out some improve from  Sakata Ming, Giovanni Di Domenico, and Mathieu Calleja at School. Last, at the Old What? Bar, everyone\’s favorite twerker (as well as doll abuser) Dee invites his fellow freaks including DJ Dong Dong Dong and DJ Guis for an electronic freakshow.

Sunday October 26th

if you\’re looking for something a little more sonically off the beaten path, then I\’d check out BEME\’s closing event at XP where a slew of electronic artists shed their skin including New Delhi artist Hashback Hashish, iimmune, Hong Qile, JFI, Ben Hogue, Wang Changcun, and STEEL which finds the two promoters teaming up superhero style.  Over at Yugong Yishan Italian piano synth voice duo Manchild show off their unique voice. If you’d like, one can haunt around Mao Livehouse with the young kids including Hard Candy Revolution, Cars Cars Cars, Noise Jelly and more. Last, check out alternative Canadian rocker Jonny Debt at DDC.

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