Weekend Update (24/07-27/07)


Celebrations, openings, Shanghai invaders – a lot of happenings about town this weekend to sink your teeth into so no reason to sit on your ass this weekend discussing how much of a dick Putin is, where your student loans magically disappeared to, or god forbid is it inhumane to walk your crab. Screw that noise with noise of a different ilk. Onwards! Oh, and as always hit up the calendar for the rest of the weekend festivities.

Friday July 25th

Yup, everyone’s favorite duty free zone for unchecked hooliganism, belligerent affection, and drown sorrows, Temple, is celebrating three years – get the details here – tonight it’s punk fever with The Diders, Hell City, and Rolling Bowling all looking to set the crowd loose. Brand spanking new venue DDC (Dusk Dawn Club) officially opens its doors tonight with a all-night evening of poetry reading, Xinjiang flamenco courtesy of Kamen, electro pop from Haowei, folk out of Zhong Lifeng and everyone’s favorite Yunnanese rockers, Shanren – a hell of a coming out party and by the looks of it, might just be the new Gulou hotspot in the coming months – grab the details here. Love lineups like this at School – throw in a sure thing band – in this case, psychedelic rockers Chui Wan – who continue to take their sound into new territory – and add a bunch of up and comers with serious potential – that would include Carsicks Cars’ drummers side project Gate to Otherside, who throw up some brutal walls of sound, the latest dance punk craze Heat Mark, who are finally coming into their own, and noise rock outfit Lonely Leary, who I’m dying to catch for the first time. Lotta potential. Mao Livehouse lets loose with this eceletic lineup of regulars including ska outfit Mr. Honey, power emo outfit Nower, Long Hual, Black Bohe and more. Up and coming alt rock outfit The Twenties head down to Mako Livehouse along with Dawenxi. Ska reigns supreme over at the rambunctious Old What? Bar as Early Bus takes stage. Hip hop continues enveloping the city – Beijing hip hop pioneers New Street bring it to the next level over at Yugong Yishan with support from Sun Mengnan, Samsun, Kangtai, and more. Finally, catch Liu Donghong & Sand at 69 Café and Zhenren at Jianghu Bar.

Saturday July 26th

Continuing its celebration, Temple goes psycho rock on us with Luv Plastik and WHAI forcing Templites to get wild and crazy. Shanghai, still reeling from the loss of Pairs and Friend or Foe, is in the midst of finding its new torch-bearers, and they might just have them in the form of Nonplus of Color and The Psyders, two bands visiting our fair city this weekend at XP. Post rock with a pulse? Surf rock with a chip on its shoulder? Not the easiest sounds to pin down, hence why I’m giddy to check out what first hand what all the noise is about. Support from local post rock defectors Glow Curve, who have jumped leaps and bound this past year on just about every level. Pop punk from outside Beijing invades School in the form off Fatiao Kamusuo, with support from Summer Sunshine. Punks set its eyes on Mao Livehouse as Shochu Legion, Gum Bleed, Rolling Blowing, and Hell City get scruffy. Get your pop on with these infectiously pop-ridden bands at Mako Lievhouse including Moka, Chaliangfen, L-Gentlemen, Beak, and Vegetable Racing. Finally catch Mademoiselle et la Orchestre at Modernista, Violette & the Hunters at Jianghu Bar, Young Class Party at the Hot Cat Club, and Red Cash and Bad Boogie at Blue Stream Bar.

Sunday July 27th

Last call for celebrations at Temple – with this evening taking it classy with jazz funk outfits Groove Collective and Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine keeping moods lively. Bam! That’s all folks!

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