Weekend Update (22/01-24/01)


Back in Beijing and ready to lay out your weekend plans for all you lazy bums out there. Joking aside, we’ve really only have two weekends left of gigging here before the city shuts down for the Chinese New Year. So yeah, get at it before it’s too late.



WHAI at Modern Sky Lab

WHAI is turning three years old! Which is complete nonsense as I have footage of them performing back in March 2012. Fear of aging aside, it’s good to see the down and dirty slow electro rockers get their due with a special showcase at Modern Sky Lab, complete with an after party DJ set from Mickey Zhang. 80 RMB


Demerit, Bad Mamasan at Caravan

Badr ain’t messing around anymore. The music connoisseur and Moroccan food joint owner is throwing down the gauntlet in the embassy area with a heavy two-hitter showcase featuring veteran metal heads Bad Mamasan and street punks favorites Demerit. Glasses will be broken and I think I found the perfect excuse to head down to Jiangguomen. 50 RMB (w/ drink)


Zhege, Jump the Fence at Temple

After an unofficial debut at Temple, last month quirky indie poppers Zhege perform once again at everyone’s favorite watering hole along with alt indie pop oufit Jump The Fence. FREE


Tahiti 80 (FR) at Yugong Yishan

Tahiti 80, whose new wave, bumble gum popping indie rockers set the groundwork for a lot of French’s budding musical talent, bring their musicianship to Yugong Yishan for a blissed out evening of Technicolor indie rock. 150 RMB


Iron Kite, Wang Fan Rui, Moran, Li Bo Ning, Suyu, Zhang Qianqian, Chuan Zi, Qingwayuedui, Tang Huabin, Zaidali, more at Mao Livehouse

It’s a folk filled festival at Mao Livehouse with hordes of up and coming folk talent laying bare their souls including veterans Zhang Qianqian, Chuan Zi, Li Bo Ning, and much more including folk rock faves Iron Kite. 100 RMB


Blackwater at School

Break out the whiskey and get back with Beijing’s premier Irish rockers, Blackwater, who have been performing traditional Irish jams for years. Now electrified! FREE


Chung Yufeng x David Chen at DDC

Cross some borders with this pipa blues hybrid duo that hits up DDC for some musical magic. 100 RMB


Funky Trio at Hot Cat Club

Legendary Japanese drummer Funky returns with some friends for a special ear-pleasing performance at the Hot Cat Club. 50 RMB


Jazz New Year Celebration at Jianghu Bar

Two evenings of cuddly jazz soothing at the ever cozy Jianghu Bar. 70 RMB



Glow Curve, The 16th Floor, Miao, Social Boar, Macondo at DDC

Live Beijing Music returns with another rock-filled evening of great sounds. Seminal Modern Sky post electro rock groovers Glow Curve; Miao, a grunge rock outfit outfit with the soul of folk in them the rich and melodically pleasing post rock trio The 16th Floor; Social Boar, the newest outfit to emerge from the ashes of Mammals and Fake Weed; and last but not least, Macondo, a instrumental post rock outfit making noise on the scene as of late. It’s a packed bill full of new sounds to get warm to. 50 RMB


Pumpkins, Bedstars, The Molds at School

Converse continues its reign of terror and awesome curating with a stellar punk lineup featuring Xinxiang punk vets Pumpkins alongside Beijing’s own The Molds (in a rare showing) and Bedstars (blasted and ready to go). FREE


PVA, The Diders, Last Resort, Pork at Temple

Shanghai punk hardcore ruffians make the trek up to Beijing to stir up some trouble. Let them ramshackle your soul alongside grunge outfit Pork, fiery punksters The Diders, and hardcore punks Last Resort. FREE


Longfusi, SNSOS, Lattice, The Name at Old What? Bar

Another festive breezy evening by the Forbidden City, as Old What? hosts up and comers Longfusi, Lattice, The Name, and SNSOS. New sounds and new breezers. 30 RMB


All For Nothing (NL) at Mao Livehouse

Dutch all girl hardcore outfit returns to Beijing to kick up a storm. Yes please. 120 RMB


Jazz New Year Celebration at Jianghu Bar

Two evenings of cuddly jazz soothing at the ever cozy Jianghu Bar. 70 RMB



Hip Hop Open Mic at School

Over the past year, there has been an underground hip hop community growing at School Bar – catch the final battle this Sunday with MC Biggie, DJ Qianzi, and more rappers sharpening their skills. 30 RMB


Cuilongyang, Children’s Cinema, Football Hooligans, Black Young, Lu Liang at Mao Livehouse

Another sunday evening of veteran indie pop bands giving it their all including Cuilongyang, Children’s Cinema, Football Hooligans, Black Young, and Lu Liang. 70 RMB


The Rhythm Dogs at Jianghu Bar

20 years and standing! The Rhythm Dogs, a jazz collective headed by Zhang Ling, return to the stage for blazing good time. 80 RMB


Indian Classical Music Concert at DDC

Feel the soothing and meditative drones bridge ethnic and social divides as a group of very talented musicians give a classical Indian music performance. 60 RMB

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