Weekend Update 22.04-24.04


It’s gonna be an emotional as Beijing loses one of its more prominent venue – Mao Livehouse. But if you’re gonna go out then why not with a bang. And from the looks of what the rest of the weekend has in store for us, I think Beijing will be just fine. So toss away the jackets, grab an afternoon cold one, and hit the town this weekend. And as always — check out livebeijingmusic.com to sneak a peek at what May brings forth.

Friday April 22nd


Residence A, WHAI, Twinkle Star, Steely Heart, SUBS at Mao Livehouse

Night two of Mao Livehouse\’s tearful farewell brings out some of indie rocks finest, including Residence A, SUBS, and Steely Heart. Come get some. 120 RMB


Emptybottles, TouMing Magazines, The Diders at School

New Guangzhou label, Qiii Snacks Records, are on tour and they\’re bringing the heat in the form of Taiwanese punk band TouMing Magazine and Hong Kong math emo trio Emptybottles. Exciting sounds that I can\’t wait to put my ear to. 80 RMB


Le Villejuif Underground (FR), Pet Conspiracy, Jajatao, Da Bang, Huzi x Edo at Yugong Yishan

Cold Neo rallies up a red hot lineup at YGYS including grunge revisionists Jajatao, who just finished recording their debut album and are about to head out on a nation wide tour. Joining them with be electro rock veterans Pet Conspiracy and Da Bang as well as French garage rock outfit Le Villejifu Underground whose psych-rock mild mannered vocalisms are a hoot. Groovy stuff. 120 RMB


Birdstriking, Mr. Graceless at DDC

Two of Maybe Mars vanguard bands, Birdstriking and Mr. Graceless, return after a winter hibernation in celebration of Menthe Project, a platform aimed toward building the bridge between China and Europe. But really, I’ve most excited to see what indie rockers Mr. Graceless have been cooking up. 80 RMB


Devils at the Crossroad, Voltron at Temple

Temple’s original houseband, stoner rock trio Devils at the Crossroad, return for one night only as singer Joris returns to where where the three made a pack with the devil and conjured up balls to the wall rock and roll that goes back dandy with a whiskey. Witness! FREE


Abel & Hawke at Caravan

Randy Abel and Chris Hawke join forces for one evening bringing you tunes of old – Abel originals, covers of Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zant and more. 40 RMB


HangTian & MaoJo Hand Band at Jianghu Bar

Late nineties singer-songwriter HangTian whose sharp and rich lyrics won acclaim from Chinese audiences presents his new rock band – their first performance. 180 RMB


Honky Tonk Country Blues at Hot Cat Club

Members of the Randy Abel Stable, The Groove Collective, The Beijing Dead, Zhen Ren, Hutong Yellow Weasels, and the Night Crawlers come together for a special night of music. FREE

Saturday April 23rd  


Nine Treasures, Suffocated, Logic Control, Four Five, Liquid Oxygen Can, Thank Ray, Mega Soul at Mao Livehouse

Night three of Mao Livehouse\’s farewell pushes aside emotional for a epic, festival worthy night of the metal scenes hottest commodities including speed metal legends Suffocated, pagan metal faves Nine Treasures, and melodic nu metallers Liquid Oxygen Can, amongst many more. 180 RMB


The Molds, Comp Collider at fRUITYSPACE

Alt-rock band and Beijing fixture, The Molds. A band that has been resurfacing more and more after a gig sabbatical, hit up fRUITYSPACE for a late afternoon jam alongside new drum guitar duo Comp Collider. 50 RMB


LITE (Japan) at Yugong Yishan

One of Japan’s leading instrumental groups LITE bring their thrilling and emotional compositions, progressive, edgy riffs and complex rhythms to YGYS. 150 RMB


Heat Mark, The Hotline, Secret Club, DayDream, Three King at School

It’s a D.O.G. hoedown at School as the label/promotion team celebrates the birthday of superstar Dan as they bring their rooster of bands including dance punk trio Heat Mark and britpoppers Secret Club to join Shanxi rockers Three King. 80 RMB (ladies free)


Le Villejuif Underground (FR) at DDC

Paris-based Australian singer-songwriter Nathan Roche presents Le Villejuif Underground, his garage rocking, psychedelic-infused tunes to DDC to rattle your brain. 60 RMB


Vurado Bokoda, Xu Guoqing at MOMO Post Mountain Space

Sound artist Vurado Bokoda (Einar Engstrom) and visual artist Xu Guoqing present their newest live exhibition ‘Floating’ at 8pm to create a fusion of various forms of media audio, video, text, dance and other specific field domain interactive performance. FREE


Better of Alive, The Felling Tree, Moor Hick, Zhege, Kyle Wagner Band at Caravan

Kick back with five fresh diverse sounding bands at Moroccan eatery Caravan including indie pop outfit Zhege and bluegrass group The Felling Tree. 50 RMB


Wan Jianguo at DDC

Classical music composer and conductor presents his latest album Slow Train tonight at DDC along with some friends. 50 RMB


Source Code, The Three-Quarters Dead at Temple

Killer metal band Source Code releases their new EP, Force Life, so get your devil horns out and lets make mayhem at Temple. FREE


The Diders, The Blanks, Swinging Barbarellas at Hot Cat Club

Catch new acts The Blanks, a noise punk duo and the Swinging Barbarellas join The Diders for some Fangjia Hutong mischief. FREE


Tong Yan at Snail Hostel

Folk artist Tong Yan former resident of Dalian, who moved to Beijing and then Guangzhou, where she released her beautiful sophomore album last year. She returns for an intimate performance at Snail Club. 60 RMB


Liu Donghong at 69 Café

Blues breathing folk-turned renegade Liu Donghong brings his popular homegrown style to the petite 69 Café on Nanluoguxiang. 50 RMB


K.K., Scotch, Heroin Dounut, Blue Knight, Tow’Z at 13 Club

It’s Korean student night at Wudaoku’s music hub and just have a look at those bands names – Heroin Dounut anyone? Color me intrigued. 50 RMB

Sunday April 24th  


Children\’s Cinema, Muppets, Super Lads, Bye Bye Noise at Mao Livehouse

Day four of Mao Livehouse\’s farewell kicks off early with an afternoon session featuring power pop and indie rock up and comers including Children\’s Cinema and Bye Bye Noise. 80 RMB

Escape Plan, Residence A, Wenqi Li, Self Portrait at Mao Livehouse

Expect a very emotional night as Sunday night brings the last of the last farewells for Mao Livehouse featuring the venues flagship bands (under their owners label too) including indie pop giants Escape Plan. 300 RMB


Grapes of Wrath, Black Mint, Poshangcun, Next Door Band, 鹿先森乐队 at Modern Sky Lab

Mao Livehouse, still alive and kicking for the time being – knock on wood, hosts an evening of some of the indie pop scene’s unsung talent, bands with large followings and mainstream appeal including Poshangcun, Black Mint, and more. 60 RMB (2pm start)


Zhou Ziyan, Nathan Borofka, Duan Pian, Mingxu at School

It’s another ‘Boogie Folk Night’ as pop-folk artist Zhou Ziyan, the ultra talented Nathan Borofka (who just released a new album), indie-pop folk duo The Hangover, and also artist MingXu take the stage. 40 RMB


Zhege (J) at Jianghu Bar

Hailing from various locations across the globe, Zhege (J个) is a group of like-minded individuals with intense personalities and a shared love of attention who have created some ultra friendly, energetic indie pop. 50 RMB


Scratching Beijing at fRUITYSPACE

A multidisciplinary arts platform that started in Beijing last year, Scratching Beijing combines dance, performance art, theatre and music for a diverse helping of creative energy. 30 RMB


Beijing Dead at DDC

Turn on your lovelight cause Beijing Grateful Dead tribute band is hey to welcome in the warm weather. 30 RMB

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