Weekend Update 17/02-19/02

Alright – last week was a bit of a flunk. Slim pickings. Beijing was still coming out of its holiday hibernation. But just looking outside today, it’s clear as day (well the exact opposite) that we’re getting back to basics and the music scene this weekend is as feisty as ever with great gig after great gig to stumble wildly into. So shake off that winter fat, procrastinate finishing all those file reports, and let’s chase down that dragon this weekend.

Friday February 17th


Dirty Fingers, Subs, Dress Code at Yue Space

Dirty, never bring home to your mom Shanghai punk shit stirrers Dirty Fingers pillage their way through Beijing once again – they’ll be setting up their own little island of anarchy over at Yue Space where they’ll be joined by DIY punk legends Subs alongside Dress Code, whose fastcore/hardcore power violence has made them one of the scene’s freshest new acts. 60 RMB


Shave N\’ Shut, The Diders, The Demonstrators, Day Dream, Shochu Legion at School

School Bar is back in business folks and what better way to catch up with everyone’s favorite hangover inducing live house then with a punk powwow featuring five punk bands of different ilk including oi boot scrapers Shave N’ Shut, scrappy Joyside inspired Day Dream, streets punk The Demonstrators and more. 60 RMB


Kuso Eyes, Jaruco Punk, Lost in Space, Flying Peppers, Rope, Hell’s Teacher at 13 Club

13 Club is kicking off the year of the rooster with aplomb and punk swagger with a fresh-blooded punk hoedown featuring a slew of acts ready to kick 2017 square in the nuts – check out Kuso Eyes, Jaruco Punk, Lost in Space, Flying Peppers, Rope, and Hell’s Teacher give it their all. 60 RMB


Macha Gharibian (FR) at DDC

Born and raised musically between Paris, Erevan, and New York singer-songwriter Macha Gharibian presents her fantastical musical landscape where oriental jazz meets Americana, neo-classical and psyche pop with ethereal, irresistible results. Catch her at DDC as she presents her latest album Trans Extended. 70 RMB


Latitude-30°N at Mars Club

Speaking of keeping the torch strong and bright, Mars Club on Batong Line adjacent to the Communications University, continue lighting the outskirts of Beijing aflame with a steady roster of events – tonight they host American roots hard rockers Latitude-30°N who’ll be debuting (gasp!) twelve new songs – which frankly means you probably will need twelve more shows before any of those songs sound good. But kudos! FREE


Xue Ting, Wang Yuguang at Mogu Space

Check out some shadow puppetry as musician Xue Ting joins shadow puppet artist Wang Yuguang on stage at 69 Cafe for a concert that combines a new take on the traditional Chinese art of shadow puppetry, with a new take on traditional Chinese music, blending traditional instruments from home with new ones from abroad, like the digeridoo. 66 RMB


Wang Yawei, Ma Xiao at Jianghu Bar

Cuddle up with some nice folk tunes at the cozy Jianghu Bar as Wang Yawei is joined on stage by guest Ma Xiao. Wang is preparing for his new, twenty-five city tour. Expect the two to be playing some of their current hit singles including ‘Libra and Pisces’ and ‘Youth Ballad’. Awwww. 60 RMB


Los Crasher, guests at Temple

What can I say – Temple and glam rock go together like apples and pies. They’re both a little dirty, a little too on the nose, not much sophisticated, but oh so genuine in their love for all things rock – so when you’ve got tight jeaned 80s reppin Los Crasher on duties you best believe its gonna be a good time. FREE


Ding Yuan, Sun Liang at Snail Club

Pianist and vocalist Ding Yuan appears with guitarist Sun Liang at Snail Home for a concert in support of her first album Flower. Improvisational but not jazz, folk without too much pop flavor, and the perfect amount of bitterness. 60 RMB


The Rebel Five at Hot Cat Club

Soul, funk, and rock and roll – the three elements that make The Rebel Five such a riotous good time. Cash in on said good times over on Fangjia Hutong at none other than Hot Cat. FREE


Scott MacArthur (US) at Mogu Space

Guitar player and singer for folk rock outfits The Plum Trees and The Sleepwalkers, Scott MacArthur looks to give a classic folk, ballad-filled, unplugged performance tonight at the Xizhimen space. 30 RMB

Saturday February 18th


Pixel Echo at Yue Space

The latest edition of Pixel Echo, a mini-festival organized by electronic label Bwave, goes down at Yue Space and believe me folks, this is definitely something different. Bringing together artists killing it in the multi-media and audio-visual world in Beijing, alongside some of the experimental scene’s best most sought after acts, Pixel Echo give audiences a sensory workout. Performers include this time Bwave founder Hong Qile, who’ll be presenting material from his new album, Dreaming Julie, a rag tag team that features Li Tieqiao, Feng Hao, among others. Also on the bill are In_K, GogoJ, Fen Cha, Huang Jing, Kan Min, Tian Xiaolei, and more. Full time schedule here). 100 RMB


FaTiao KaMuSuo, Shouchou Legion, Gentle Grape, Rhythm Traveller, Both Willing at School

Local promoters QingChun ZhiZao have rounded up quite the motely crew for yet another electric Saturday evening including – ‘making the trek in from Tianjin the extremely popular FaTiao KaMuSuo, Beijing punk trio the Shouchou Legion, pop punk dudes Gentle Grape, pop duo Rhythm Traveller, and last but not least, the extremely talented folk rockers Both Willing’. 80 RMB


Technica feat. Periphery (US), Animals As Leaders (US) and Nick Johnston (CA) at Yugong Yishan

Seismic technical instrumental music that draws from the greats of prog rock, experimental metal, modern jazz, and even world music, three of the best bands in that arena including US’s Periphery and Aniamls as Leaders, as well as Canada’s Nick Johnston – some serious talent here – expects earlobes to be blown to bits by the end of the night. 380 RMB


ListenUp at Omni Space

Just west of the Temple of Heaven, Omni Space hsts the cross-country rap battle to end all rap battles – ListenUp. Sponsored by Baidu music, the concert looks to promote rap and hip hop with a event that’ll featuring some of the best artists around China including C-SIR, Young Gorilla, Odd Mido, Longjing Sun Xu, Cee, and many more. Have your say and help pick this year’s newest rap sensation. 100 RMB


December3am, Rudra’s Sage at Mogu Space

Philippines born sitar player Rudra’s Sage, a scene regular since the heydays of River Bar in Sanlitun, returns to Beijing with his sitar for a intimate performance in Xizhimen alongside the post krautrock duo december3am, one of last year’s shining stars – an performance you owe yourself to see at least once. 66 RMB


Paper Tigers, Formaldehid at Temple

Rock it out with The Paper Tigers, who will bring their edgy indie rock in the vein of The Cure and BlocParty to all thirist patrons at the one and only Temple alongside an array of other knee slapping bands. FREE


Krazy Family at Modernsky

Graduates of the rap battle circuit Krazy Family, made up of Huizi, MasonBoy, Cir, and Fatso (poor poor Fatso), has become one of China’s most sought after hip hop groups. They’ll be throwing a hip hop party at Modernsky Lab alongside friends D0M1e, Dungeon Beijing, and DJ Wesley. 80 RMB


Hot Club of Beijing at DDC

Multi-national gypsy jazz ensemble bring their 1930s swinging jazz, hot latin rhythms, and gypsy waltzes to DDC so best bring your dancing shoes. 50 RMB


Zhu Guangyu at Snail Hostel

Music manger and promoter Zhu Guangyu goes back to his singer-songwriter roots for this rare live performance where’ll he perform his 70’s inflected ballads. 70 RMB


Zhenren at Jianghu Bar

From before the Chicago blues era, Zhenren specialize in the musky blues of the American South. The band which features Peter Murchison on guitar, slide guitar and vocals, and Richard Barnes on electric guitar will be joined by harmonica player Zhang Xiaosong tonight. 60 RMB


Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies at Hot Cat Club

Inspired by all things classic, pop, and big band, Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies bring ‘a vintage approach to contemporary music’. Enjoy classic reimaginings from the ever-expanding trope at Hot Cat Club. FREE


The Diagon Alley, The Lake, The Fast Food at Mars Club

Rising indie pop bands bring their heart warming, head bopping sounds to Mars Club on Batong Line including The Lake, The Diagon Alleys and more. Expect catchy melodies and lots of swooning ladies. 80 RMB


Nathan Borofka, Nick Parsons, Liu Beibei at 69 Café

No strangers to the cozy 69 Café on NLGX, Nathan Borofka, Nick Parsons, and Liu Beibei bring an evening of acoustic folk to the couch-ridden establisment. 60 RMB

Sunday February 19th


MIJI Concert Series #43 at Meridian Space

Subjam’s MIJI Concert Series returns bringing together Beijing artists and international performers for experimental jam sessions. Artists are welcome to engage in cold improvisation, radical performance, and absolute noise. Tonight’s edition features audio and visual artists Hui Ye, Paul Gründorfer from Austrian, as well as Sheng Jie and Zhu Wenbo. 50 RMB (8pm start)


Roksonaki at DDC

Anyone down for some afternoon ‘ancient nomadic Kazakh ethno-folk’ tunes cause right about now that sounds like a mighty satisfying meal. ‘Bringing the 13th century into dialogue with the 21st, Roksonaki\’s unique sound fluently and joyfully combines elements of ancient nomadic Kazak traditions — reed flutes and throat-singing — with contemporary rock and jazz.’ Dope indeed. 60 RMB (3pm start)


Plateau, Qinyujie at DDC

If that wasn’t enough to entice you to head to DDC then why night an evening of indie friendly hard folk and psychedelic-tinted sounds courtesy of Plateau and Qinyujie – two outfits that have been hovering on the radar for years – perhaps this is their year! 50 RMB


Royal As Purple, Redundant Seconds, Jaruco Punk at School

Rage out this Sunday with a host of bands at School including Royal as Purple – the new project from Melvin Wong, old school rockers Redundant Seconds, and no holds barrel punk ruffians Jaruco Punk. FREE

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