Weekend Update 13.05-15.05)


Anyone get swept away in that storm last night? Well thank goodness cause it seems we may have bought ourselves a clean slate for this weekend and there’s no better way to take in the fresh air than to stuff your body into a dingy livehouse and put as much toxic nonsense into your body as mightily possible. At least that’s what my mother always told me. Anywho – here’s your weekend update.

Friday May 13th


Ratatat (US), Gonggonggong, Earsnail at Yugong Yishan

New York’s rock-meets-electronica duo Ratatat (multi-instrumentalist/programmer Evan Mast and guitarist Mike Stroud) hits up Beijing courtesy of VICE – I remember hearing raves about their last Beijing appearance so expect big things from these two. Support from Gonggonggong, and Earsnail, the latest live electronic supergroup composed of White+/Gar drummer Wang Xu and Da Bang guitarist Yan Shuai. 150 RMB


Bastards of Imperialism, Final Impact, Skin Bad, Mystery Band at Caravan

Punk platform Dr. Smartass head honcho and Bastards of Imperialism frontman Darryl Pestilence celebrates his birthday with a punk rager at the least likely of places – sumptuous Moroccan food joint Caravan with a fresh punk lineup as well as a super duper secret guest band. Who doesn’t love birthday surprises! 10 RMB


Birdstriking, Glow Curve, Bedstars at Home Plate BBQ

Home Plate BBQ is pulling out the big guns for their Goose Island Migration Block Party which besides some wonderful beer will be providing noise rock faves Birdstriking alongside Bedstars (obviously there for the free beer), and Glow Curve. FREE (add gooseisland on Wechat to RSVP)


Purple Soul at Modernsky Lab

Acclaimed hip hop outfit Purple Soul, whose been known to stir up trouble with the authorities in the past, bring their A game to Modernsky Lab along with their friends. The group made up of made up of IN3’s JahWay, Beijing’s MC Jiezi and beatmaker FAC-D12, AKA FengXiao capture the old school feel, more in the realm of A Tribe Called Quest, than Biggie. Dig it. 150 RMB


Rock Against Jams! at Temple

The second installment of Rock Against Jams! gets underway at Temple. The concept: folks are encouraged to create a new band, spend 90 minutes in a practice room, and have their first show at Temple all in one evening. Audiences will play judge and determine the best new band! No jamming allowed! Digging the concept. FREE


Liquid Palace, Prayer Circle, Gab at fRUITYSPACE

Modular synths, noise, and offbeat electronic grooves with some new projects over at experimental haven, fRUITYSPACE, including Prayer Circle, Gab, and Liquid Palace. 50 RMB


MetU, Diaster Chat, Macondo, The Beauty at Hot Cat Club

Indie rock, screamo pop and female led rock and roll – it’s an eclectic evening at the Hot Cat Club. FREE


Death Penalty, Abnormal Infected, Renegade, Ephermerality at School

With Mao Livehouse now extinct, metal finds its new home as School Bar as they host a night of heavy metalling and moshing with some familiar names like Renegade, Abnormal Infected (a very common metal band name I’ve come to learn), and more. 50 RMB


Mr. Miss at 69 Cafe

Bubbly indie pop duo bring the charm and melodies to hostel and singer-songwriter hub 69 Cafe. 60 RMB


Saturday May 14th


CNdY at Modernsky Lab

Not sure what’s in the water over at Modernsky these days but they’re just asking for trouble. And I couldn’t be more jazzed. One of the scene’s leading electronic outfit CNdY, presents their latest EP You with a bash that promises to get shitty and loopy with the, ahem, promise of free alcoholic-caffeinated (remember Four Locos anyone?) beverages for all partygoers. Who’s ready to get smashed? FREE


Dreamki, Image Above All, Pacalolo at Mako Livehouse

Self-proclaimed the biggest international party in Beijing, Europe Day returns with a party at the new Gongti-located Mako Livehouse, complete with a some dance ready live bands, including visiting indie rockers Dreamki alongside more. There will alos be a live streaming of Eurovision Song Contest in the Stockholm for all you fancy pants Europeans out there. Sounds like a blast. 50 RMB


Pinball City, The Forbidden Zone, Exit 4 at Temple

Some more visiting bands getting in the good May weather up here. Shanghai garage rockers Pinball City perform alongside blues rock outfit Exit 4 out of Ningbo. Rounding out the bill is ‘heck if I know’ psychedelic noise group The Forbidden Zone. FREE


Penicillin at School

Britrock heartthords Penicillin, hot after the release of their latest single, give a special (Converse paid) performance at School Bar. Get down with it. FREE


Hitobashira, Last Resort, Bastards of Imperialism at Hot Cat Club

Things get heavy on Fangjia Hutong as Shanghai hardcore outfit Hitobashira and they’ve got quite the support including Bastards of Imperialism. FREE


Gabrielle (Coroline) at Yugong Yishan

Indie folk artist makes her transformation into an artist to look out for with her debut release as well as an all star showcase at YGYS with friends Su Yu, Xiao Pu and Evo. 100 RMB


Nocturnes, Wen Liang, thruoutin at fRUITYSPACE

Indietronica, layers beats, and ambient sounds at fRUITYSPACE as Nocturnes, Wen Liang, and thruoutin perform. 40 RMB


Black Water, Moor Hick at Caravan

Blackwater are the real Irish deal. Authentic celtic rock and roll led by charismatic grizzle of Desmond McGarry that goes down as smooth as Jameson. Catch them at Caravan alongside owner Badr’s new band, Moor Hick. 50 RMB


Perpetual Motion Machine, The Diders, Heat Mark, Zhege at DDC

An eclectic evening of rock and roll as unhinged proto punk kids The Diders join new wave via Chinese traditional outfit Perpetual Motion Machine, as well as dance punk group Heat Mark and Zhege. 60 RMB


Dream Spirit, Chinatown, N & Y, Source Code, Equal Temperament at Blessing Livehouse

It’s a metal kids dream evening as five metal-infused bands descend upon the latest livehouse in crop up in Shuangjing, Blessing Livehouse. 100 RMB


Morbid Goat, Drunkard, Interesting Book, Barb, Lost in Space at 13 Club

Drum Baby Festival kicks off at 13 Club with an assortment of hard hitting bands with of course, kick ass drummers – including grunge favorites Drunkard and metalcore outfit Lost in Sapce. 80 RMB


Yeli at Jianghu Bar

China wave artist Yeli, who incorporates everything from world music to trip hop in her sound presents her latest release at the cozy hutong bar. 80 RMB


Out to Sea, Time Partner at Old What? Bar

BBQ, post rock emo tunes, and then some more – just another night at the hole in the wall Old What? Bar. 30 RMB


Sunday May 15th


An Art Show at DDC

A horde of artist, story tellers, and poets descend upon DDC for an afternoon and evening of ‘art’. Featuring music from Electrc Badminton, Shannon Lethbridge, Nathan Borofka, Image Above All, The Plum Trees, and much more. 60 RMB


The Vine, V89, Bupishu! at School

Get blasted with these young ruffians out of Harbin as they bring you the latest and trendiest in rock and folk. 70 RMB


Self Portrait, Elenore, Diagon Alley, Time Capsule, 404 at Modernsky Lab

Indie pop and britpop galore at ModernSky Lab this evening as these indie vets take the stage including Elenore and Time Capsule. 70 RMB


Jordan Darling, Nathan Borofka, Ember Swift at Temple

Temple takes it down a notch, as they get over the weekend hangover with an evening of folk including sets from American singer-songwriters Jordan Darling and Jordan Darling as well as well known folk rock artist Ember Swift. FREE


Jurat T.T at 69 Café

Psychedelic folk duo Jurat T.T (feat. Sam) hits the NGLX joint. 50 RMB


Solar Link, Miga, Cui Longyang, Lu Liang & Faith, The Super Radar, Drunkard at 798 Live House

Enjoy an afternoon and early evening of free tunes at Beijing’s number one art district 798 – pop rock, folk ballads, and more. FREE

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