Upcoming: Yugong Yishan 8th Anniversary


Yup, another birthday bash – geez it’s hard to believe it’s only been 8 years since Yugong Yishan opened. I suppose it’s a reminder of just how wonderful and young the scene is here in the Big Red. Well it’s time to celebrate the venue champion – the place which people love to hate – but are just secretly jealous of their success. In terms of big acts, both local and international, no other venue gets after it like Yugong Yishan. Yeah, their sound can be shite time to time, their drinks lacking (I’ve been bringing my own stash for years now) – but how cool is the upstairs lounge where you can stalk your favorite new artist, or the graffiti-filled hallways that stumble past on the way to the bathroom, or the outdoor lobby (aka sidewalk) where people catch air, throw back shots, and start up conversations. Fact is, I have many fond memories of “foolish man moving mountain” and I’ll gonna celebrating them in full force this Friday evening, September 21st. How could you not with a lineup of artists like this….

Pet Conspiracy
Carsick Cars
Exit A

DJ Micky Zhang
DJ Dio
DJ Wengweng
DJ Yang Bing
DJ Ou Yang

80 RMB (door)
50 RMB (advanced))

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