Upcoming: Temple 4 Year Anniversary


Moreso than any venue around town, Temple is the place that sucks people into their gravitational pull. There’s no escaping it. There have been times where I’ve put my foot down and swore off Temple. Told myself I’d never return. But alas its smarmy tentacles wouldn’t let me go. Or better yet, I couldn’t keep my smarmy hands off of Temple. Because we all are Temple. Belligerent, hearts bleeding out, insubordinate, adrenaline junkies, social parasites with an equal love for the music which is always welcomed (and free for crying out loud) there and for the fine (and most definitely broken) folks who reside there. It’s a hub for all of Gulou and, by jolly, I don’t think I could do without it. 4 years and counting, Temple has given the lost beautiful souls of Beijing a place for salvation, and this week they’re going all out for their 4 year Anniversary with a heck ton of packed lineups, including, if you notice a special ‘Live in Beijing’ showcase on Saturday which I helped put together. If Temple wasn’t already rowdy enough, they’re gonna be turing it up to 11 this year. Cheers Temple – and keep on rocking. Full week schedule below.



Don\’t Be A Bastard – Punk Night!

The Diders

Chinese Modern Guys

Motorbike Girls

+ DJ Chairman WOW spinning vinyl


Metal Night!

Scare The Children

Galaxies in Coma


Post-punk night!

Steely Heart


Lonely Leary

Death Narcissist

+ DJ Starfukker


Live In Beijing!

Pokemon Dad

The Eat

Perpetual Motion Machine

+DJ Compact Dicks

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