Upcoming: Purple Toad Festival (04.10.2014)


DDC is slowly becoming one of my favorite hoods this year. Perhaps it’s due to the scene’s need for fresh hangouts; or the friendly demeanor of owner 69; or the uber slick yet homely décor – whatever the case, not even over-priced drinks can keep me away. The place expands their musical palate even further this weekend with the Purple Toad Festival, an all day musical extravaganza hosted by some very cool peeps. Blues, punk, psychedelic rock – it’s all fair game as eight bands get into the holiday spirit including The Harridans, 16 mins, and Guiguisuisui. The team behind the fun will also have on display a collection of works from local artist Anya Chalina. And to make sure a whole evening lodging around at the newly minted joint doesn’t break the bank, Panda Beer will to slinging out bottles for 20 RMB a pop. Hot damn!! For those of you to planning on having a lazy National Day holiday – this is the place to be.

What: Purple Toad Festival

Where/When: DDC (14 Shanlao Huitong) 4pm

Ticket: 40 RMB (comes with a beer)

Lineup: Wang Shengnan, 16 Mins, The Harridans, MeToo,

GuiGuiSuiSui, Luv Plastik, The Beijing Alchemsits, Super Bad

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