Upcoming: MOMA Back Mountain Music and Art Festival

This isn’t even upcoming – this is in the process people. The MOMA Back Mountain Music and Arts Festival has been underway for over twenty days now held at the Modern MOMA, the high end community known for its artists/arts institution residents, or if you’ll like me those buildings are the way to the airport that have swanky bridges connecting them. Music, film, arts – it’s all there for the taking. How the hell this flew under everyones radar is beyond me. Did anyone promote this thing anywhere? Ahhhh, getting aggravated just thinking about some of the goodness that has already passed. Alas, might as well let people know there’s still plenty left – here’s the rest of the live music shows being held.

January 11th

LILISAY + Yufeimen

January 12th

Wild Children

January 18th

Top Floor Circus + Wu Tiao Ren

January 19th

Huang Xibei + Carrchy

January 24th

Wang Juan (signing and after party)

January 25th

Underground Baby (exhibition and show)

January 26th

Fan Xiao Xuan + He Yong + We Are Not Invited

Each show starts at 8:30pm and costs 100 RMB – though there is more info at their lacking douban site. Here’s the original brochure – pretty much the only schedule I can find of this month long festival.


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