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Alright, I’m been sitting on this for sometime now but it’s time to pimp this bad boy out there like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll let my fellow comrade in action, Dann the Man take it from here:

This Saturday, October 26th, Jingweir is launching issue 1 of it’s second volume! While the print side of Jingweir, a DIY record label/collective based in Beijing, was on hiatus for a while the members concentrated on new records, the zine is back in full effect. To celebrate we’re holding a launch party at Blue Stream Bar featuring live music, art, film screenings, record stalls, and of course zines!

The launch party will include live performances from Girl Kill GirlLow Bow, and The Feeling of Regret, VJing from Cousin Kippy, live art from Yue Ming, a presentation of Fang Zhou’s photography, and screenings of Live Beijing Music’s films. There will also be records and other goodies on sale courtesy of Pangbianr and Genjing Records, including the brand new Streets Kill Strange Animals 7”.

Check below for more details. Hoping to have my debut music video for Noise Arcade ready by then. It involves old ladies dancing. No joke.


Jingweir Volume 2 Issue 1 sees the zine return in a quarterly format. This time it’s in English and Chinese and not only includes interviews but also editorials and photo essays. There is no agenda behind the zine other than to serve as Check out the awesome cover designed by the amazing Lizzie Nagy.


The party is kicking off around 9:30pm and the ticket price is set at a modest 40RMB, with everyone who comes through the door getting a zine.


Douban event: http://www.douban.com/event/19974909/

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/412285665561635

For more information about Jingweir check out the following links:

Douban http://site.douban.com/jingweir/

Tumblr http://site.douban.com/jingweir/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jingweir

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jingweir


Girl Kill Girl 女杀女

Low Bow

The Feeling of Regret 后悔的感觉

Visual artists 艺术家

VJ:Cousin Kippy Kip表弟

Yue Ming 岳明

Fang Zhou 方舟

Live Beijing Music 北京现场音乐网站

Pop-up record store by Pangbianr 旁边儿网站的弹出式的唱片店





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