Upcoming: Hanggai Music Festival


Well, the three-day festival overload may have come to an end, but festival season is still in full swing. This weekend Hanggai is gathering some of the most vibrant and diverse group of world music groups, local and international, to Mako Livehouse for the 2012 Hanggai Music Festival – a two-day event full of epic music and good clean fun. Seriously, some of these bands are going to other worldly in their sound and scope so if the may holiday didn’t beat you to a pulp then get your butt over to Shunagjing and indulge yourself. Tickets are 150 presale, 200 at the door, and gets underway at 3 pm in the afternoon on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

Saturday May 5th

15:00-15:30 Khorgan & 坎儿井
15:45-16:00 佳佳与朋友们
16:30-17:00 OTOR
17:30-17:50 Nine Treasures 九宝
18:20-18:50 Xi Ban 戏班
19:20-20:00 Shanren 山人
20:30-21:10 Tiloun (French)
21:40-22:20 Nanchengerge 南城二哥
22:40-23:10 Windbone (Switzerland)
23:40-24:20 Hanggai 杭盖

Sunday May 6th

14:00-14:30 Li Dong 立冬乐队
14:45-15:10 Kuo Chung 郭涌
15:35-16:00 Nomadic
16:20-16:50 San Chuan 三川
17:20-17:50 Ajinai 阿基耐
18:20-19:00 Rhythm of Rajasthan
19:30-20:15 The Tribe 部落
21:45-22:30 Soul of Dolan 刀郎之魂乐团
23:00-23:45 Yemen Blues (Israel)

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