Upcoming: Dos Kolegas\’s 8 Year Anniversary


How bananas – how have I not been to Dos Kolegas’s yet this year – that’s just crooked ass shit there. Well, there’s no better time to say sorry than on one’s birthday, and this ain’t no ordinary birthday. Cause when Dos Kolegas celebrates, they go long and hard till every last Harbin beer is drunk, and every last string on that guitar is busted. Dos Kolegas’s 8th Anniversary. Two Days. Three Nights. Friday night begins with a fistful of hard rocking, knee slapping jolly good bands, while Saturday kicks it into high gear with a whopping twelve bands hitting the stage starting from the afternoon, with finally Sunday giving us time to unwind with a free outdoor DJ party starting in the early evening. Even better, the brewskis are on the house from 8pm to 10pm the first two days, and goats will be sacrificed and served to all those with a thirst for blood. Now that my friends, is how you turn 8 friggin years old. Congrats. Check the full schedule below.

Day 1

The Beijing Beatles

Li Yan

Devils at the Crossroads

Me Too



80rmb ticket

8pm start

Day 2

Wu & the Side Effects

Bad Mamasan

Perpetual Motion Machine

Residence A

Ember Swift

Steely Heart

Rolling Bowling

Candy Monster



Nine Treasures

Templo de Samba

100 RMB (free until 7pm)

3pm start

Day 3

Mickey Zhang

Naxx Noise

Leo 8633

Guo Jian

Meiwenti Sound


6pm start 

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