thruoutin,Wang Shengnan, Wen Liang


特别嘉宾:王胜男 |文亮

Arist – thruoutin

以田野的录音采样做为背景和环境 电子和自然的鼓声缠绕在一起。琵琶的旋律和苦乐参半的歌声漂浮其中这个是thruoutin的声音 北京美国 的thruoutin把奇怪的温情电子和中国民乐音乐结合在一起

About this Release – 关于专辑

In February 2015 thruoutin and Wang Shengnan went on a tour through Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. A few months before that thruoutin began contact with two producers, VMPRMYTH and KAIN, about booking a show in Kuala Lumpur. They all eventually met up at Rumah Api where thruoutin and Wang Shengnan had set up a show. After they maintained contacted and threw around the idea of doing a couple remixes of thruoutin songs. Those remixes eventually became this release.

2015年02月王胜男与thruoutin一起去东南亚巡演。巡演前thruoutin与来自东南亚的音乐家VMPRMYTH和KAIN开始有 了联系,大家约见在吉隆坡的Rumah Api演出场地。演出结束后,因为共同对电子音乐的喜爱萌芽出remix想法最终确定要变成这张专辑。

About the Label – 关于唱片公司:

AKHYLA is a musical collective based in Kuala Lumpur with artists based worldwide. It was founded in 2014 by Mustaqim Arifin (VMPRMYTH).

来自马来西亚吉隆坡的音乐厂牌AKHYLA,有不同国家不同风格的音乐制作人入驻。2014年AKHYLA唱片被Mustaqim Arifin成立过。



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