MV Weekly: XTX, Swimful

Swimful – Agony  Take a trip down memory lane with Swimful, as the Shanghai-based producer, alongside guests Yayoyanoh and Organ Tapes, explores the ruins of the legendary and now-defunct Shelter nightclub – the former bomb-shelter […]

New Releases

New Music: Swimful, Zaliva-D, Liu Yiwei

  Swimful – Folding Knives  Shanghai-based producer Swimful has done it again on his triumphant Folding Knives, out on SVBKVLT. Drenched in neon-spiked, emotionally-fraught ambience and luscious futuristic melodies that touches on everything from M83-crossed-with-Final Fantasy world-builders […]


LBM Mixtape No. 198

  Sourtower – pretty pretty weekend (Beijing/Self-Released) LST – New Setting (Beijing/Modern Sky) Echo Park 回声公园 – Echo Island 回声岛 (Guangzhou/Dark Deer Project) Swimful – Sapphire (Shanghai/SVBKVLT) Siyunge – sailboat (Beijing/Self-Released) FAZI 法兹 – Mountain of Time 时间隧道 (Xi’an/Maybe Mars) Li Daiguo 李带菓 – 六(liu) (Dali/Ruby Eye Records)