MV Weekly: Re-TROS, Mimik Banka

Before The Applause – Re-TROS Europe Tour Full Documentary 喝彩之前——重塑雕像的权利2017欧洲巡演纪录片 Last fall Re-TROS, one of Modern Sky’s staple bands (fifteen years strong) made international waves when they had the honor to go on tour with […]


LBM Mixtape No. 164

City Flanker – Souvenir (feat Ecke) (Shaoxing/Ruby Eye Records) Hedgehog 刺猬 – Meng Ba La Na Xi 勐巴拉娜西 (Beijing/Ruby Eye Records) Gatsby in a Daze – Cangnan’s Whisper 蒼南夜語 (Hangzhou/Ruby Eye Records) The Foreigners 异国人 […]


LBM Mixtape No. 134

  Birdstriking 鸟撞 – 25 (Beijing/Maybe Mars) Hang on the Box 挂在盒子上 – Baptized (Beijing/Modern Sky) Pan Daijing 潘岱静 – Act of the Empress (Shanghai/PAN) TangRenTi 唐人踢 – NO ONE CAN SLAVE YOU (Kunming/self-released) Chinese Football – Electronic Girl 电动少女 […]