Shoutout: The World Underground


It’d be blasphemy if I didn’t give a virtual high five to John Yingling, who strolled through Beijing a couple months back, camera in hand, tasked with capturing China’s underground music scene as never before. Dude was in it to win it. Seriously, the amount of footage shot, as John traveled from Guangzhou to Beijing along with P.K. 14 on their tour, as well as during his few weeks here in Beijing, it’s staggering. Read up on his trip here in Impose Magazine. And as with all epic endeavors, John’s gonna need a slight economical boost to piece together all the pieces into a full-fledged documentary, part of a series he’s calling The World Underground. Check out his Indiegogo page – which is essentially Kickstarter’s hipster brother – and as the man himself states –

“This film will not come out soon if this fundraiser does not succeed.  I don’t want to sit on this footage.  The footage and sound is amazing, and it deserves proper nurturing.  This is something I currently do not have the skills to do by myself.  Not to the level this footage deserves.  If it succeeds I hope to have the first episode up by MAY of 2014.”


Only 15 days left people – check in on Yingling’s tumblr for the latest updates. Let\’s get that next 1,500 dollars in! !

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