OTS: The Diders, Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede (School 15.03.2014)


A couple weeks back The Diders celebrated the release of their self-titled EP the only way one who expect them too – with an all out shitstorm of epic proportions that left School reeking of booze and sweat. The lone act of class within this sess pool of an evening was that one of these hooligans decided it was a wise idea to bring their mother to witness that train wreck at hand. Cause nothing says we’ve made it ma than butchering one of rock and rolls greatest songs –

Heck, they even made the ex-members of Joyside look like upright citizens. Congrats you degenerates – keep those fumes burning. Endure more below including another crazed turn from another group of merry pranksters, Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede. Check it.

There’s something beautiful in the way Dr. Liu & His Ever Expanding Human Centipede tears apart genre, song structure, and punk in general. They’re taking the piss out of everything and everyone and are relishing every minute of it.

No arching narratives here, no hidden agendas – nothing is scared, and the bands indifferent sneering playful approach to giving audiences and themselves a swift one to two minute rush is impossible not to get swept up in.

And while their douban page hints that the band finding ways to document their satirical miniaturized anthems, seeing them live is just too fun.

My theories on The Diders: they come from a generation of rabid little emperors – three spoiled kids scraping for as much attention they can. And when whining and pouting couldn’t cut it no more – where did they turn? – rock n’ roll.

It’s narcissistic, volatile, and highly flammable – the music’s literally busting at the seams as the bands’ frantic demented energy spews forth. Yeah, they make some of the most disposable music out there, but boy, does it get you high.

Remember Whip-Its – The Diders are pretty much the musical equivalent. And I want more.


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