OTS: Stolen (Yugong Yishan 26.09.2015)


Must admit — it’s getting more and more tempting to jump ship and pop over to one of China’s booming second tier cities. While the music scene in Beijing seems to be in constant fluctuation, places like Chengdu are just finding their footing, and giving it all they got – and it’s a glorious thing to listen to. One of the band’s leading the charge are Stolen, a devilishly talented indie rock outfit out of the western city, who mix everything from post punk, new wave, indietronica, and even arena rock in a hot sweaty heap of satisfaction. They swung by Yugong Yishan as a part of their tour for their debut album, which you should definitely get on.

Refined, vital, and just a bit off the beaten path to keep their sound surprising, the band is just one of the many reasons Beijing better watch its back.















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