OTS: South Acid Mimi Dance Team (Yugong Yishan 08.03.2016)


Night two of the Electric Lady Fest – after a rowdy first evening at School – I decided to head over late to Yugong Yishan to catch Kunming trio South Acid Mimi Dance Team, who despite their ridiculous name which might as well been picked out of a hat, proved to be worth the wait. Not earth-scattering in any way, and the bass was needing, but heaps of potential and a sense of danger throughout their set, which when compared to the previous acts that I can only describe as blandly safe, was fully welcomed.

These three are gonna kill it soon enough. And I’ll be waiting. On a side note, Global Times wrote a piece on the state of female rockers of China with a focus on the Electric Lady Festival. Your editor him was lucky (or foolhardy) enough to answer some questions and throw some praise around. Check it out as well as more picture below.










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