OTS: Proximity Butterfly, The Harridans (Yugong Yishan 09.10.2015)


Tiki bars and psychedelic hard rock — hell of a way to end the National Week holiday! Had my second opportunity to catch Chengdu outfit Proximity Butterfly, who remain one of the most dynamic live bands in China. A band that aims to please fans and give them an ‘experience’. Plain and simple. And Proximity Butterfly pulled it off with flying colors, putting together an elaborate, compelling collection of videos for each of their songs, very much in the vein of Samsara and Baraka, which makes sense, as the band are very much spiritual both conceptually and musically – perhaps one of the reasons why their music connects on such a basic and primal level. It’s vast, brash, and proud and earns its high notes while pleasing the hard rocker in all of us.

Proximity Butterfly were supported by another band that chases after that epic sound – Beijing’s funk-filled minstrel-totting folk rock outfit The Harridans, who are slowly turning into one of the city’s must see acts and delivers on just about every front. Check out more videos and photos of The Harridans and Proximity Butterfly below.
















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