OTS: Proximity Butterfly (Dansheng Music Festival May 2014)


A lot of the Dansheng Music Festival footage from last May got put on the back burner for a variety of reasons – between having a computer which continues to decimate all my footage (and being too broke to get a new one), having our footage jacked and thrown on TV screens on buses in Dalian for promotion without our consent (which I\’m actually pretty impressed about when all is said and done), having all my \’associates\’ figure the footage too useless to lend a hand, and being swamped in keeping the site running (that\’s on me) it simply wasn\’t in the cards last year. But enough bitchin\’ and moanin\’ cause with the Year of the Ram comes a clean slate, and with that clean slate I plan to go through all the Dansheng Music Festival videos and release them upon the world. First up are Chengdu-based multi-national prog rock outfit Proximity Butterfly, who wiped the floor clean last year with their larger than life, epic beyond belief riffs and bombast energy. Rockers through and through. Check it out.

Oh, and be sure to check out the band\’s most recent release, Medusae, which I\’ve dug quite a bit.

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