OTS: Not in Catalog, Alpine Decline, 工工工 (fRUITYSPACE 02.05.2016)


Beatnick vibes and other forms of musical tomfoolery one holiday afternoon as Zoomin\’ Night regulars and experimental junkies descended upon the basement speakeasy fRUITYSPACE. On the bill was Not in Catalog, the latest project from Zoomin Night’s head honcho Zhu Wenbo who was joined A Bing (Boiled Hippo) on guitar, Zhao Cong (XHXXH) on bass, and Luodelai on drums for some mischievous chaos – akin to (as pointed out by the friend) a circus act balancing multiple spinning plates at once – and while it doesn’t always manage to keep them all spinning, when it does it’s a free wheeling delight. Also on hand, where Alpine Decline, whose modular synth seemed to have cloned itself since last time, provide some pulsating soundscapes. The husband wife duo seems to have been able to finally tame the beast(s) and it sounds glorious. Finally, 工工工 (GongGongGong) – the duo consisting of Joshua Frank (of Hot & Cold) and Tom Ng (of Offset Spectacles) who provided some groovy off-the-wall guitar bass antics.

Who needs a drummer when you’re packing quite this much boogie into these two instrumentals? Check out more pictures below.






































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