On The Scene: School 28-08-2013


Another pangbianr chill sess at School – my go-to spot these days. Love the laid back, anything goes mentality of these events, allowing the artists to go about their business without the added pressures of catering to an audience or even playing their best material. It’s become in many ways, a platform for artists to test out new material, explore new angles, and to perform free of restrictions. So with that, tonight the rag-tag group of introverted music nerds (a compliment) were treated to the low-fi, minimalist to the max R&B junkie Thin Gaze (also a new resident round these parts)

Not a bad way to kill a Wednesday evening. We were also treated to an ambient set courtesy of Christiaan Virant (of FM3 fame) matched with cathartic visuals. Check it. And mind the cruddy pictures (or lack thereof).

There\’s something incredibly distant about Thin Gaze\’s music. Utilizing neo-noir beats that\’s closer to a lot of the acid rap that\’s making its way through the midwest, and a thinly disguised detached voice that kinda just hangs there, Thin Gaze creates a bittersweet strangely ethereal atmosphere that would make David Lynch proud.

Meanwhile, Christiaan Virant had another trick up his sleeve – manning audio and visual seamlessly at the same time – no easy feat for sure, but the subtlety he applied to both his soundscapes and visuals, which slowly morph from one design to another, as patterns and images revealed themselves as slowly as the a cathedral of sounds filled the space, was sublime.

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