On The Scene: School 10-07-2013


Pangbianr, the uber cool site for all music one might consider ‘off the fringe’, has been kicking it back at School every Wednesday for the past few months. Basically, anything goes – improv, sets, collaborations – bring it and you shall have your moment to shine. It’s this grab bag mentality that gives the series it’s rag tag, tight-knit feel which frankly I’ve been avoiding for too long. There are no guarantees with these kinda shows – but one thing is for sure – your ears will get a workout.

Took long enough. Cause as with all grab bags, sometimes you’re gonna flip when you find that Resses’ Cup tucked away in there amongst all those Almond Joys. To honor pangbianr’s inability to play it safe, I’m gonna ‘pangbianr’ the shit out of these videos – aka I’m fucking winging it folks. Enjoy more from Damage Blanket, Noise Arcade, and Guiguisuisui below.


First up was Josh and Lulu’s electronic baby – Damage Blanket – which takes minimalist electronica down a dark alleyway. If you’ve ever imagined what being trapped in a beat up air conditioner was like, then my friends, you haven’t got down with DB.

As unsettling as some of those sounds are (robotic crickets, dragonflies flailing their broken wings about) there’s a strange comfort to the repetitive nature of it all, not unlike how one finds solace in the mechanical presence of my shoddy AC. Crazy, perhaps.


Speaking of loopy, Noise Arcade, Mr. Cupoli’s solo electronica adventure, made with the help of feral cats (song titles don’t lie), played a set. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been bombarded with new release after new release from the artist, but I’m actually starting to come around to the soundscapes Nose Arcade bring.

Under all the drone, there really is a whimsical quality to it all, as if Cupoli sprinkled some pixie fairy dust on his soundboard before playing. Shit’s probably won’t help me sleep, but it’s a good way to space out for a bit – of pretend you’re in some quirky robot indie flick. Or not.


The last treat of the night was Guiguisuisui, who if you haven’t heard, is Beijing’s newest musical renegade. Sporting a ‘diddly board’ and Cupoli on drums, Guiguisuisui proceeded to scruff up the joint with a set of dirty, gritty lo-fi blues. And did I mention dude sports a makeshift ‘diddly board’ made out of a skateboard.

I love how stripped down it all sounds, whilst remaining vigorous and modern in the tiniest details – twisted vocals, skateboard slap bass – it’s this tweaked ramshackle nature that gives its juice. Keep an eye on this lad here folks.


And more importantly, keep your eyes peeled for pangbianr’s Wednesday night series – you might just stumble upon something you like. Resses’ Cup for the win!

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