On The Scene: Mao Livehouse 21-03-2013


Low expectations – gotta love em. Grimes’ Visions was a flat-out great album – one that got a lot of playtime spring last year. Maybe a bit too much, as when the hype finally died down, and the backlash began to set in, I was almost convinced that the show, part of the one-two-three punch combo finale of SplitWorks’ JUEy festival, would be a complete utter let down. Add that to the fact that their were a lot of complaints out of Shanghai the night before about tickets being sold out, the set being way too short, and the Canadian electro-poptress coming on way too early, and well I was ready to throw in the towel and tell everyone ‘I told ya so’ (all of three which happened tonight as well). But I staggered along, late, a bit under the influence, and lord and behold somehow found myself smack in the middle of Mao Livehouse with a bunch of sweaty hipsters, with a Zoom attached to my head, having bubblegum neon electro pop raining down on me.

Yeah, I had a fucking blast. And the enthusiast, broing out that was taking place all around me – well hell, felt like university all over again. I didn’t even tell you about the bubbles yet. Bubbles for crying out loud. Why? Why the hell not, that’s why.


First off, kudos to the sound people Grimes had running this parade – seriously had a setup bigger than Mao’s own. And backup dancers – ok a bit annoying, but I’m sure they came cheap. What I can say is flubs and all, Grimes has a charming, eager, jumpy little personality up there and she delivered he goods.

And bubbles – why can’t all shows have bubbles. Folk, metal, I don’t care. If you start shooting bubbles out from the stage during your last few tunes, I will be front and center grabbing at those magnificent son of bitches. I love bubbles. Shit, I might even bring my own for now on.


Did they get bubbles in Shanghai? Maybe that’s why everyone was so pissed.

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