On The Scene: 798 Space 03-09-2013


798 should throw more shows – they’ve got the space, it’s far enough out that’s it’s takes a bit of commitment, and ummm, they’ve got the space. Which might mean shit for acoustics, but hey, that’s not really my forte. I know what I do like though – free booze, free food, and free music. And Germans – those jolly ol’ chaps. The Goethe Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the German love worldwide threw a bash at 798 Space last weekday, and thou it really wasn’t my scene, the music complied me to stop by. And free fooze – the true way to a man’s heart. Here’s a taste of the German end of things, with Talking Heads-esque , Krautrock-evoking new wave rockers Stabil Elite.

Nicht Schlecht . Nicht Schlecht. Check out more music at the 798 Space including electro music outfits white + and CNdY. Check it.


I was mighty curious to see how white + who translate to a crowd full of finely attired mid to late 40 year old men and young German enthusiasts. And the answer is, pretty well.


I’ve always figured white + as sort of a performance piece, art electronica, what have you, so they fit right in, captivating the unsuspecting crowds with their Technicolor soundscapes.


Next, were the Krautrock band Stabil Elite, out of Düsseldorf, who brought in their truckload of KORGs, computers, and synths in case you couldn’t guess where they were from. Yes, time to get your groove on – German-style.

While the it didn’t set the room ablaze – I can definitely get behind all the ingredigents at work here. Big bass lines, unabashed love of disco, and hefty amounts of industrial. I swear at one moment I was feeling the David Byrne references all over place. Nevertheless it all comes up a bit short and plays its influence hand too often.


And though the venue emptied out by the time the Germans left, CNdY had other plans. Bring the noise. Techno and house music filtered through the questionable minds of these misfits. And yes, that’s a gorilla mask our lead dons.


This I can get behind – I’m not sure how much their pushing the boundaries in terms of originality, especially when you’re following white +, but it’s definitely dance friendly with enough of a mischievous edge that makes it its own.


Heck, if I caught these guys at the club, I would guess about tear it up on the dance floor. Oh lose my shit over those faces.



Yeah, probably that.

Special thanks to Gene over at LeTV – he\’s got a pretty dope videos series entitled Close-Up – check it out.

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