Offhand On The Scene: Yugong Yishan 01-03-2012

Last Thursday, had my socks on to head to the SXSW send-off show for Carsick Cars, Nova Heart, Rustic, and Deadly Cradle Death. Three bands who I admire (and one I’ve yet to see), including a indie rock legend, my first crush, and one the nicest most down to earth faces in the business here. So it was a tough decision to throw in the towel last minute and force myself to stay at home in order to start my first day of work the next morning without raccoon eyes or smelling of Zhongnanhais (wouldn’t be the first time). Tough call, but hey, gotta make them sometimes. Luckily I was able to toss my camera onto a good friend (and future colloborator?), a Frenchmen who also has a dirty little secret for Helen Feng. He was able to catch part of Rustic’s set. I’ve been curious to see how their new lineup would work, considering how much Ricky Sixx, his hair, and interaction (the cleanest way to put it) with Lucifer were such a large part of Rustic’s image. Here ya go…..



Here’s to hoping the boys along with Carsick Cars (on their third spell to Texas), Nova Heart, and Deadly Cradle Death rip those white bread Americans new bumholes. And go check out some American live music as well while you’re at it over there.

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