NWR Press Release: Cat AIDS/DJ Urine Split

Nasty Wizard Recordings are proud to present Cat AIDS\’s latest schizophrenic doom odyssey with their latest split with renegade French sound manipulator DJ Urine. And while tapes went like hot cake at last week\’s release show – there are still plenty of goodies to be had as well as of course the digital copies, forever staining the world wide web with it\’s obnoxiousness and disregard for musical comprehension. Check out our interview with DJ Urine and stay tuned for the first Cat AIDS music video, which I hear is all kinds of goof. Till then enjoy the filth and grime and get in line.


Nasty Wizard Recordings latest release is the equivalent of somebody pulling down your pants in a crowded public place, whilst simultaneously squeezing lemon in your eye, and twisting your left nipple enough to make you scream like a sourly-pissed off macaque monkey: a split release between the greatest band in Beijing, CAT AIDS, and the sweetest smelling remix bandit in the known universe, DJ Urine. If you were contemplating ending it all and going to work in accountancy or something, don’t. Stay on at the pet shop, keep that stupid haircut, continue to put scissors in electrical sockets, because this tape is here:


On the A side, CAT AIDS. Where to begin? The house band of Nasty Wizard Recordings and the greatest band in Beijing and probably East Asia if we’re honest. First there was the space punk barrage heard on the split with Japan’s Go Tsushima, which pretty much redefined how must people considered music and put Beijing  on the map internationally for something besides bad air and cremated ducks. Then there was the CAT AIDS Christmas album, a totally original concept that revived the failing and stagnant careers of a host of nobodies whose songs CAT AIDS generously covered, in the process reinvigorating the spirit of Christmas for most of the world’s aardvark population. 

On this latest release the most awesome band in the Chinese capital have done it again, this time reemerging as a three piece with the addition of virtuoso guitarist Meow Ze Bong (former session musician for INXS , Leo Sayer, and Bannanarama) enabling Gustav Von Klusterfuck (bass) and Percy Piss Wizard (drums) to take CAT AIDS into the stratosphere of intergalactic doom punk (sort of like if members of Motorhead and Witchfinder General teamed up with Brian Eno on the pretence of making music, yet instead consumed a shitload of horse tranquillisers and went around the neighbourhood spray painting dicks on the side of parked cars). Lyrics on tracks such as ‘sugar APE’ and ‘Zen And The Art of Bad Manners’ range from love letters to the Beijing underground to body part transplants. 

On side B Nasty Wizard Recordings is equally excited to have the master of shattered records and over abused styluses , DJ Urine. A time traveling sonic nomad, DJ Urine is an antidote to the Olympics of Boring that is a world filled with Macbook toting Barbie and Ken dolls masquerading as deejays. In comparison DJ Urine is that messed up kid next door who rips the limbs off of the pretty dolls and grafts them together to create bizarre creatures from your darkness nightmares. While all the hip kids are pissing around cutting up mp3s and half heartedly pasting them together under the pretense of post-modern art in the hope that someone will blog about them, DJ Urine is slicing up and smashing actual records and then randomly super gluing them back together AND then mixing them live, right in front of audiences. In short DJ Urine makes Girl Talk look like a monumental pussy/lazy nerd who flirts with distorting conventions, instead of actually smashing them round the back of the head with a baseball bat.

At the time of the writing it’s somewhat unclear where exactly DJ Urine is as he’s almost constantly on the road, playing basement noise shows, experimental happenings, and basically anywhere that’s open to something way out of the orbit of the average civilian’s concept of a turntablist. We’re talking half a dozen or more toy record players simultaneously spinning multiple Frankenstein discs, constantly blending and cycling through noise, psych rock, spoken word, jazz and godonlyknows what else in the twitch of an eye. The audience become the deejay as they pick out records and pass them to the demon mixmaster — a brilliant piece of performance art and musical experimentation that you should witnessed in person if you ever have the chance. Until that time enjoy the feast of the single monster track DJ Urine contributed to this release, ‘Kosmos Bakelit’, an almost never ending stream of audio information that cycles through more genres than Ken Kesey had acid trips. It’s like tuning into a radio station built inside a tear in fabric of time and space.

The whole beautiful mess is to be found on a reels of magnetic tape produced within a grudge pit in Beijing, China. The original artwork by Chinese superstar artist Nan Guazi (responsible for the deliciously noise/doom laden split between To Die and Nahash also on NWR) pretty much features a shark humping a unicorn. Inside the tape’s booklet there is a special secret surprise, except it’s so small you’ll need a magnifying glass to read it or you’ll ruin your eyes trying to. 

If you thought the Nasty Wizards couldn’t get any nastier you’d better believe the CAT AIDS/ DJ Urine split proves they’re just getting started.



released 18 June 2015

Meow Ze Bong – guitar, vocals
Gustav Von Klusterfuk – bass, vocals
Percy Piss Wizard – drums, noise, recording, mixing, mastering
Om – vocals
Hairy Don – saxophone
Recorded in Beijing, China.

Meow Ze Bong would like thank Laura and Marvin Clary for still supporting and loving their 28 year old manchild. Love to Chantakahn Saetehn, the biggest little rocker I know. To CAT AIDS, thanks for nothing.

DJ Urine is DJ Urine.

Artwork by Nan Guazi.

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