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Alright, a little behind on videos again – my skills (or lack thereof) are being used elsewhere – but worry not, there’s plenty of video love going round – here’s the latest roundup of music videos and clips from Subs, The Fuzz, Nine Treasures, and the Woods + Wires Festival.

Don’t know why I haven’t plugged this earlier – DIY punk mainstays SUBS have been given the OST treatment as their hit single from 2010, “Yours” which has been chosen as the theme song for the upcoming Chinese cosplay thriller – A Chilling Cosplay which looks as titillating and perverse as one might expect (looks like Seven crossed with Saw) It’s a sleek piece of work, which captures the bands’ (namely scream queen Kang Mao) manic energy pretty damn well – money well spent studios. It’s a great push for the band who are inching closer to reaching their kickstarter goal (sorry, demohour goal) to raise 30,000 rmb for their next album – that can only mean a new release is getting closer and closer. Yippee.

Mongolian pagan metal outfit Nine Treasures have had a hell of a year thus far becoming the talk of the town after they were invited to play over at Wacken to hordes of metal fans who had no idea what a treat they were in for (check out their set here). A nice little interview piece was created for the band/doc by ChinaView was made following their Germany appearance and it’s a cute little introduction to those who haven’t had the pleasure of catching the band. Here’s no hoping the band keeps up appearances and that promotion train running – don’t squander this opportunity boys! And hye. Looks like ChinaView used some of my footage – what sweethearts! Hat tip to BeijingDaze for this little wonder.

Alright, already professed my love for Xian-based post punk group The Fuzz’s latest album Running Horse – good stuff. Well, along with their latest release the band has made a MV for their first single ‘The Best of Love’ which combines live concert footage with youthful endeavors – Chinese theme parks, beer drinking, sightseeing – probably captured on their tour. It’s remarkable how much of it works – lo-fi, nostalgic, with enough post effects to give you a headache – it really the whole ‘road trip’ genre justice.

Last but not least, need to give a shout out to Spilt Works’ promo videos for their Woods + Wires Festival which took place last weekend in Shanghai – I know, a little late, right? But I have to give props to the videos they made in preparation of the event, mainly their Hanggai promo, which captures everything great about Hanggai in four minutes. Mianly, how awesome it would be to hang out with them. Of course, the blatant product placement is a bit out of place – but hey, someone’s gotta pay the bills. Really dig the slow-mo macro portraits of the band members, which the festival also did for Buyi as well (hope they can expand that one into a full-fledged MV). Cool stuff.


Alright, enough inspiration for the day – back to the editing room.

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