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The releases just keep coming – almost too fast – already have a few more on the backburner that’ll I have to save for next week. Till then let’s take a peek at the latest from Hangzhou’s Spice, Shanghai’s newest duo Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, indie pop darling A-Si, and rock gods Second Hand Rose.


Everyones’ favorite cross-talk rock and roll pranksters, true legends, and who seem to only get better with age, Second Hand Rose are ready to unleash their newest album Stealing The Show within the next week or so. They recently released the first single off of it called ‘Fairy’ (仙儿) – up on xiami. You can even preorder a limited edition CD at Indie Music Store – but be quick, that baby is capped at one hundred. And for anyone lucky enough to be in Shanghai this weekend, they’ll be planning on literally stealing the show away from Metallic this upcoming Monday, August 12th, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena (the day before before Metallica descends on the place). Bold move – and kudos to Second Hand Rose for doing, as these guys are the real deal, and at this point in time deserve all the praise they can get.


Hangzhou ‘post-blip=electro-pop’ group Spice has released another EP (after last Spring’s Extraordinary Ordinary) entitled Useless Organs – four tracks of slick production, a mix of folktronica and everything from math to post to psychedelic rock. Really digging it so far – it knows its limitations and instead embraces its indie rock tendencies with such cohesiveness. Stream that badboy here.

Xiao Zhong, of Pairs’ is a busy man indeed. If he’s not too busy extensively covering the scene and lending it a hand in every way which possible, he’s making music. In the duo Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, he joins ethereal voiced Cee Q, of Marquee VII, for a serious dose of dreamy shoegaze pop. Minimalist all the while packed with reverb, drone, and swag (XZ’s guitar is a beast of sound throughout) it’s strange how much of it works – it’s a delicate piece of work, one that’s able to sustain an eerie David Lychian vibe throughout its entire length. Grab it over on their bandcamp. Who knows – perhaps the two will pop their heads up here soon.


For something on the cute end of the spectrum, I’d check out Shanghai singer-songwriter A-Si’s (阿肆) debut album on Modern Sky entitled Accidentally On Purpose stream it over here and if the Lily Allen-esque singer is to your tasting – throw some cash down on that number here. The artist got a huge push recently when a Chinese Idol contestant covered her song ‘I’m Eating Fried Chicken at People’s Square’. She’s been showing it off across China these past couple weeks – keep an eye for her up yonder.


Alright alright, nexttt week I’ll get to P.K 14’s much anticipated release as well as more music from Pairs (no joke, Xiao Zhong doesn’t sleep) and more.

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