New Releases: Wang Shengnan, CNdY, Chacha x j-fever x Tang Renti, FM3


Indie pop with a a bit of spunk, electronica that\’s goes straight to your feet, a rap love story set in Shanghai, and some unearthed tracks from a seminal electronic duo – it\’s the latest new releases with some choice cuts from Wang Shengnan, CNdY, Chacha, j-fever, Tang Renti, and FM3. Dig in.

Beijing based indie pop singer-songwriter Wang Shengnan returns with her latest, a self-titled LP that finds the artist getting a makeover and spicing up her sound even more with lush production and an indietronic sensibility. While melody-wise, Wang Shengnan continues to impress (‘Crippled Cat’ rides on a instantly hummable one), it’s the ethereal and vibrant synth-infused, jazz-flavored production (from Malaysian producers Yahna & Vmprmyth) where the album shines, creating a dense yet sparse atmosphere that complements perfectly the singers robust, sultry, almost button-down vocals. There’s a swagger here that can’t be denied. Bandcamp.

Beijing electronic trio, CNdY, loses the gimmicks (and the masks) on their shameless and addictive new EP entitled You. I’ve always enjoyed the Modern Sky’s bands accessible brand of electronica that pretended to be dangerous. For better or worse, all pretentions are out the window on the five track EP, which includes two new tracks and three remixes (the opening track ‘Digital’ gets a drug remix and a radio edit), and the trio is going straight for head bopping acid techno jams that easily throw you in a trance. There’s still an ethereal bone in the group mainly due to ZYB’s soft drowned out vocals, and plenty of sentiment as heard the title track, but the trio sounds confident in giving dancehall kids what they want and I can’t complain one iota. Xiami and douban.

Shanghai based label, Jadecraft Records, gathers three of the hip-hop scene\’s most talented lyricists the concept LP, Strangers in Shanghai, about love lost and found in the metropolitan juggernaut. Joining forces are ChaCha (of AM444), Yunnan rapper Tang Renti, and Beijing\’s J-Fever. It\’s a lovely ode to Shanghai, with choice references to Family Mart, Danshui Lu and more, as well as lush sensual beats and production that nicely captures the city\’s spirit through the eyes of lovers. Bandcamp it up.

Seminal Beijing/HK electronic duo FM3, made up of Zhang Jing and Christiaan Vibrant, dig into their deep catalogue of singles and tracks releases from over the years and over various worldwide labels for FM3- The Singles. Think of it as a \’best of\’ compilation, or even just as a fine introduction to the duo\’s sparse, atmospheric, hypnotic brand of electronic music that particularly could be presided as medication. Funny enough, the duo has released some ultra rare loops from a secret edition of a Buddha Machine they curated for a French spa in 2008 – Buddha Machine Secret Edition. Which is just all kinds of awesome.  Bandcamp. 

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