New Releases: Nahash, The Samans-One, Shuangzi, Peng Tan Remix


It’s heating up out there peeps and I’m not just talking about the temperature – lots of gigs, lots of announcements, and a lot of releases on the horizon. Springtime is coming early – here’s a couple new releases (and a few forgotten gems from the beginning of the year) including the newest descent into hell from Nahash, a bit of 8-Bit bliss from the unlikeliest of artists, The Samans, contemporary rappers Shuangzi latest EP, and the newest Peng Tan Remix. Check it out.

As of late, the dark side has been winning, and Nahash has just tipped the scales a heck of a lot more. The latest journey to the darker edges of Raphaël Valensi’s psyche, A Ruin Is Not A Catastrophe, is a masterclass in atmosphere and controlled chaos – it’s heavy, brooding, pitch black, and at times unsettling. Yet at the same time, these something cathartic about Nahash’s approach to the material, turning each track into a slow burn of unchecked tension and aggression, until it purges every thought in your head like napalm. This is what end sounds like. Grab it over here. Legend is if you listen to the cassette tape (which comes with a 35mm slide to add to the creepiness) whilst alone in your room and whisper ‘Nahash’ three times in the mirror, a big burly Frenchmen will do unspeakable things to you.

Peng Tan (Songzhou Remix) – 蒙古利亚 by Livebeijingmusic on Mixcloud

The remix train keeps on rolling for folk pop artist Peng Tan, whose Electron Talent Game Project continues giving an array of electronic artists the chance to transmute the artists’ acclaimed 2013 album Migration (迁徙). The last two volumes handed the remix keys over to CNdY, Glow Curve, SquareLoud, and Tian Peng – the third volume gives way for artists Songzhou (of CNdY) and Chinflow to provide their electronic interpretations of ‘蒙古利亚’ and ‘东西’ respectively. Lots of dub digging its dirty claws into these two tracks – but nevertheless, love the idea behind these remixes. Here’s to hoping we they gather up each and every one for an album release. Give it a listen over here.

Shuangzi – Flying Free by Livebeijingmusic on Mixcloud

Hip hop collective Shuangzi & Porcelain has emerged, almost unbeknownst to many, as one of the biggest acts in town, headlining shows in Tango, and releasing tons of material over the past half decade. Cred indeed. Earlier this year, the group released an new EP entitled Be Free, which finds the groups’ at their most endearing. Big hearted with social consciousness that’s never overbearing, it’s a laid back exercise in ‘do the right thing’ commentary that’s feels genuine. Think Buyi with a rap edge, or CMCB without the electronic edge. Good vibes kids, good vibes from these folks. Give it a listen over on their douban and purchase it over at Indie Music.

T.S.O. – Whalesong by Livebeijingmusic on Mixcloud

Changchun folk metal group The Samans would be the last place you would expect to find a dubstep-obsessed 8-bit fanatic, but there’s no other way to explain ahead lead singer Wang Lifu’s electronica side project T.S.O (The Samans-One) latest bit of madness Hello World, which takes a few of The Samans existing material (among other past works) and transforms them into 8-bit dubstep tracks. Yup, that’s the premise and boy is it one of the more fascinating things to come out this year. There’s no possible way I can hate this – brings back too many good Sega Genesis memories. Love the genre-jumping some of these artists get into here – looking at the artists’ douban page, we can expect a lot more electronica from T.S.O this year. Preview it here and purchase it over at Indie Music.

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