New Music: Rough Image, Berlin Psycho Nurses, Tea Rockers

Rough Image 粗糙影像 – Release The Basement 释放地下室

Changchun revels in the cavernous underbelly of instrumental rock with Rough Image and their freewheeling debut. The Jilin province trio influenced by Krautrock, psychedelic, noise, and experimental rock bring a steady hand to their two-night improvisational winter session – full of assured, slow burning encircling guitar-led jams that stimulate the ears as well as the noogin. Soothing when it’s needs to be, dynamic and kinetic when the mood strikes, and full of enough psychedelic allure and introspective radiance to keep the feeblest of minds entranced, it’s a sonic treat you don’t want to miss.



Berlin Psycho Nurses – Hardcore Horse

From Changsha, the ruddy little cesspool of Hunan, Berlin Psycho Nurses seemingly emerge from the ethers with this dirty and barren gem of an EP. Entitled Hardcore Horse, the four piece takes cues from Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Nick Cave but at the end of the day offer their own deliciously deviant take on the post punk genre with four tracks of mischievous and cold rock and roll that finds detached fun in everything from France to Bangkok girls with surprisingly detailed nuance.



Tea Rockers茶博士 – Fictions虚构

Experimental avant-garde scene royalty join forces as Tea Rockers – an intermittent experimental music and tea drinking collective and an all-star lineup of the experimental music scene including contemporary folk singer Xiao He working the ruan, China’s leading noise artist Yan Jun, academic guqin player Wu Na, the maddeningly talented instrumentalist Li Daiguo on cello and pipa, and tea ceremony master Xi Jian. Together they create a mesmerizing blend of traditional instruments, vocalisms, noise music, and ‘the two main relationships between humans and the world…eating and economic consumption.” Absorbing stuff.


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