New Music: Lionman, Fishdoll, Baishui

Baishui 白水– Their Paradise儿童乐园

The latest from the Sichuan raised composer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound artist Baishui is a multi-faceted ambitious album that finds the artist diving following his musical eccentricities all the while retaining and sharpening his intimate and affectionate signature. Originally intended to be a purely instrumental piece using analog synthesizers, the album slowly transformed into a song-oriented piece that finds the musician honing his singing chops from poems, letters, and essays written over the past year with additional help from electronic musician Yao Chunyang and Chengdu singer Yuan Tian. What emerges is a spirited, kinetic, electroacoustic that finds the artist evolving even further finding new textures and canvas for his poetic prose.



Lionman狮子侠 – Sea Odyssey    

Hi-NRG producer Lionman, from Shenzhen, leads listeners are a euphoric journey on the brimming LP Sea Odyssey, a funk-driven kinetic disco love letter that’s downright infectious in its offering of good vibes. What could have easily come off as trite instead resonates with authenticity and earnestness – through classy vocal samples, icy cool lyrics, acute almost seamlessly blended in Oriental flourishes, and above all, keeping the good times rolling. Retro-futurism that plays out like a fever dream of Miami beaches, psychedelic raves, and arcade game galleries. It’s a journey worth taking. 




Fishdoll渔– Noonsense

‘A cosmic offering of iridescent electro-soul’ the debut release from singer-songwriter and producer Fishdoll is a beautifully realized piece of old-school jazztronica layered to the tee with inebriating flourishes – a soulful trip-hop that’s buoyant, lush, and rich with detail. A day trip to 90s era New York City through the lens of our increasingly static globalized world – a vibrant swirl of styles and grooves that overwhelms the senses. You’re never quite sure where it’s heading, having only Yuyu Feng’s ethereal vocals to lead you from dreamlike soundscape to another. A transfixing place to get lost in – and one of the year’s first great albums.  




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