MVs: Twinkle Star, Heat Mark, Laisee

Musicals numbers as interpreted by one of the hardcore scene’s rising stars, a colorful cynical garage rock kaleidoscope, and a new single of emo rock success story Twinkle Star – it’s our latest look at the music videos to grab our attention this week including fresh cuts from Laisee, Heat Mark, and Twinkle Star.

Beijing new wave garage rock duo Heat Mark, have kept a low profile since the band’s initial breakthrough in late 2013 and their 2015 debut release Sorrow Is My Lover. However, if their newest sinlge is any indication it seems the wait may be well worth. Last week, the band released two singles off that forthcoming album, ‘Yes, I Never Know’ and ‘Kaixin BuQilai’, with that latter getting a nifty music video. Digging the aesthetics here. While narratively there’s not much going on here, the director and editor have a field day with aspect ratios, color grading, and a variety of other tricks.


I saw Oscar frontrunner La La Land, a love drunk bittersweet ode to Hollywood and musicals starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, opening night last week to a packed house. And it seems I wasn’t the only one, as the runaway hit, was be met across China with, quite unexpectedly, great success, winning over folks from just about all corners of the country, including strangely enough, local Beijing hardcore ruffians Laisee, who went out and decided to cover that film’s highlight musical number, ‘City of Stars’. Yup, a hardcore burner cover of a modern day musical – can’t say I saw that one coming. Kudos to both the film’s marketing team for releasing the film on Valentine’s Day and to the band and their impeccable timing on capitalizing on the film’s success.

Emo pop rock juggernauts Twinkle Star continuing their reign over China’s pop rock genre with their latest single and music video – ‘决定一起互相浪’ which basically follows the band as their wander around Hong Kong. Not much beyond that but it’s important to note that Twinkle Star was been seeing lots of success in the neighboring Asian countries, so it’s only smart to give those places their due in music video form. The band is kicking off their latest 19 city national tour this weekend alongside the release of their new album Full Of Hopefull schedule here – and from the sound of it, looks like Zhao Meng’s transformation into lead singer is in full effect.

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