MV Weekly: The Glamour Manifesto, Nocturnes

The Glamour Manifesto – Swingers 

The Italian electro rock imports – now based in Beijing – have been embedding themselves for some time in the scene and with their most recent signing with Cao Tai, I imagine they’ll be just fine. To celebrate they’ve released a new single and accompanying music video entitled ‘Swingers’ – which finds the singer falling way too far down the tube rabbit (memory) hole and getting a little too close to humanity’s downfall (rendered perfectly via mostly scary clown candids lol). I feel you man. 

Nocturnes曳取 – Any Kind of Mood 

Nocturnes are back with another gut punch of a song – a mixture of delicate piano, explosive guitars and drums, as well as haunting vocals. And once again they’ve taken their music and given it a further human dimension buy contrasting it with a performance of a dancer. Paired with a slick as hell lighting set-up, it’s a simple yet extremely effective way of enhancing the peaks and valleys the song, and more importantly, a hint at what’s in store for fans come next year. 

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