MV Weekly: Snapline, Pinboard

Snapline 纪录片 – SHOW HAND 梭哈》

Geek Shoot Jack returns with their latest documentary – this time diving into the studio and recording process between Snapline’s 2018 release Shou Hua. The long-standing post-punk crusaders’ release (coming six years after their sophomore album due to its singer Chen Xi relocating to the US) was a gloriously schizoid, prophetic, and downright manic manifesto recorded in Japan and the documentary nicely explores the complex relationship between band members.

If that wasn’t enough the band dropped this eyeball-bleeding head trip of a music video for their single ‘Tent’ which is all kinds of kooky and delirious. Directed by Li Qing and Li Weisi of the band, with illustration from Andor and animation from Yan Si’nan, it’s a carnivalesque journey that feels like shanzhai Spongebob Squarepants injected LSD straight into its system. Good times.

Pinboard 排插乐队 – Back To My World

Bombastic, flailing Guangzhou punk outfit Pinboard whose Rancid/Green Day 90s era sound has made them one of the more dependable live acts about China dropped this cheeky little MV last month detailing a disgruntled youth’s disdain for the world accumulating into a hysterical tracking shot as the young lad pisses as many people off on his trek across town before getting beaten to a pulp. Bloody hell indeed.

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