MV Weekly: Sick Fungo, Space Drift

Sick Fungo 四线方格 – 大鸣咒

Hardcore alternative grunge rockers Sick Fungo, from the coastal city of Qingdao, dropped their album on the first day of the new year – a gloriously hyperactive, atmospheric and downright crunchy collection of tunes that don’t hold back. To accommodate the release the band put up this beautifully rendered black and white hand-drawn music video for their song ‘大鸣咒’ – drawn by Zhang Zhongshu – of the Nojiji noise collective – and edited together by lead singer Liu Siyuan. Good stuff. 

Space Drift 太空漂移 – Burn 燃烧

Lanzhou pop punk outfit Space Drift having been drifting around for nearly a decade, holding the pop punk torch in the Gansu province capital in the northwest of China. The band got around to releasing their sophomore LP in 2017 and just last month dropped the music video for their single ‘Burn’ which cuts between the band rocking it in the studio to abstract and all too literal shots of yearning and yes, burning. But really, we’re here for the music – a hearty pop punk anthemic throwback. 

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