MV Weekly: Power Milk, YiAoLeAn

Power Milk 包话妙 – 先返去瞌阵

Dip into the bubbly indie pop world of Guangzhou’s Power Milk and their new single which takes the grind of daily life and puts it into animation form – creating an adorably sweet and all too relatable day in the life of our protagonist. Really digging the simple yet detailed style here – decked out in bright pinks and purples and elevated by the infectious keyboard. The single will be part of a 7’’ spilt lathe cut with indie rock outfit smellyhover on Qiii Snacks Records later this month.  

YiAoLeAn 一奥楽安 – Mi Yao 靡耀

Independent singer-songwriter (as well as Second Hand Rose’s guitarist Yao Lan and regular over at Beijing’s basement art space fRUITYSPACE) brings some light-hearted grooves to the park with the lo-fi single ‘靡耀’ which finds the musician taking on the role of a wild cat – which pretty much just means chilling in the park, waiting around, and expressing his ‘negative attitude towards love, friendship and affection’ – or at least as much as a cat can. Love the cameo at the two-minute mark. Soak in that Beijing southside pop.

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