MV Weekly: New Pants, Howie Lee x Bohan Phoenix, Dingke


Chinese-born, American raised rappers returning to their motherland, a gloomy somber theme to Hong Kong’s 2015 hit thriller, and a more introspective single from one of indie rock’s pioneers – it’s the latest music video roundup with fresh cuts from Bohan Phoenix and Howie Lee, Dingke, and New Pants.

Chinese-born, America raised MC, Bohan Phoenix, who came to America when he was 11, has a blast bridging the gap between the West and East in his latest MV for “Motivasian”, off the artist’s just released loveloveEP. With some top-notch production from rising Beijing producer Howie Lee, the music video jumps from Brooklyn to Beijing as our hero looks to save his kidnapped friend Chewie. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan, and we find Bohan inevitably facing off against Howie Lee in the most ridiculous bumper car battle ever. The song and video are pretty infectious – an inspired, spirited, journey through Beijing\’s hoods. Bohan and Howie also released the MV for ‘Foreign’ as well – which focuses more on Bohan and pals’ introduction to Beijing. Catch Bohan Phoenix and Howie Lee Saturday, March 26th at Yugong Yishan

The 2015 acclaimed and nominated Hong Kong crime thriller film, Port of Call, based on a real murder case where a dismembered corpse of a murdered 16-year-old prostitute girl was found in Hong Kong in 2008, gets its own theme song for its emotional battered detective in Ding Ke’s ‘On the Dark Sea (漆黑的海上). Ding Ke is an artist I’ve been vaguely familiar with since his 2013 album Our Home. He’s the real deal. Modern classicalism laced with dream pop sensibilities. Mood and atmosphere are what Dingke revels in, and the above song is no exception, perfect for setting up a somber, likely disheartening film about Hong Kong’s dark underbelly.

Synth pop new wave veterans New Pants, a band that’s been around since Modern Sky’s humble beginnings, are back with their latest single ‘Because of You Life Becomes Fiery 生活因你而火热’ and if its any indication, then we’re in for a more melancholic, introspective New Pants in the future. Can’t say I mind as the band still has a firm grasp of what makes a killer melody? The MV dials it down too, considering frontman Peng Lei’s background in film and animation, focusing simply on the band. Of course, its gorgeously shot by GeekShootJack. And look at that hair. Yeah, we might just be in the band’s twilight phase and I\’m mighty curious.

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