MV Weekly: LST, Lin Ce


LST – Morning

Li Nan, known to most as the drummer for indie rock band Da Bang, breaks free with a forthcoming EP of his solo electronic project LST – dropping on Modern Sky next month. The first single off of it displays a strong sense of atmosphere and the music video accompanying it may not have any narrative through-line but is a treat for the eyes as three colorful characters run amuck in a deserted factory.


Lin Ce林侧 - Climbing 登攀

Singer-songwriter Lin Ce goes full on abstract in the music video for ‘Climbing’. Shot by Shanghai photographer Liu Jiangqiang, it’s a noisy black and white showcase for all the nooks and crannies of Lin Ce’s body, a constant fixture in the artist’s photography and modeling work. It’s alluring, haunting, and frantic – sewn together as an abstract daydream.

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