MV Weekly: j-fever, Hanggai


j-fever小老虎 – 为什么要报警

j-fever works at an incredibly fast pace. Besides releasing two albums and an EP in the last eight months, the Beijing based rapper, whose atypical stream of conscious rapping has one of the hip hop scene’s most beloved characters, has been releasing one music video after another, each one distinctly different from the other. The one that’s been burning its images into my retina the most however is this staggering hypnotic and cinematically stylish video for ‘为什么要报警‘ (‘Why’d You Call The Police’) off of his summer 2017 release with Soulspeak – 现在口红. Perfect blend of substance and style with some stellar art direction and a keen cinematographer’s eye – it’s a film junkie’s wet dream.  


Hanggai杭盖乐队 – Homeland故乡

Hanggai, the Inner Mongolian rock gods are slowly preparing for the release of their latest folk rock epic, and to entice listeners they’ve released a music video for their lead single ‘Homeland故乡’. While the video seems to follow every other Hanggai video where we have the band wonder aimlessly around the grasslands in their attire – we’re in the desert this time around – those are still some pretty sweeping shots. And it hints at the ever-evolving bigger sound Hanggai is aiming for (lot crunchier). For a band that has left footprints in more than 70 countries on six continents, it’s heartening to see the band’s roots pull at them still. Or better yet, they know what audiences want.

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