MV Weekly: Dream Can, Young Dragon

Dream Can 谷水车间 – Kill The Man

Straight out of a LSD-laced Japanese horror film where the femme fatale turns the tables on male arrogance with torturous pleasure – Shanghai’s Dream Can, whose psychedelic debut last year, Into Sparks – ‘chock full of noise rock anarchy, spacey strawberry-tainted melodies, and bewitching siren-like vocals’ – takes sadistic glee out of making it’s male victim suffer – from laboratory chemicals to good ol fashion acid baths. Shot in mind altering Techniocolor with an open-ended twist at the end, it’s heaps of fun. 

Young Dragon feat. Al Rocco – WokStar 

There’s something delightful about how far down the rabbit hole into absurdity rappers are willing to go. Case in point: Young Dragon – the young Chinese rapper who’s been making a splash here and abroad (he just finished a tour with American rapper Robb Bank$) and the batshit crazy music video for WokStar – which already prompts raised eyebrows from it’s chorus and namesake alone. Throw in 8-bit characters, some ridiculous green screening, sets that look straight out of MTV circa the early 90s, and enough dutch angles to make you nauseous and you have my full attention. Bravo. 

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