MV Weekly: Dolphy Kick Bebop, Sound & Fury

New vids out of Hangzhou and Chengdu courtesy of psychedelic tweaksters Dolphy Kick Bebop and shoegazers Sound & Fury…

Dolphy Kick Bebop海豚踢- Morning-after pill

Hangzhou psych rock outfit beautifully go off the deep end on their surreal, Thom Yorke-invoking trance slow burn freak out. The band has been popping more and more and it seems they are honing in their experimental tendencies and the results are quite striking. Great song.

The Sound &  Fury – Honey Knows

Chengdu shoegaze outfit Sound & Fury, finally got around to releasing their debut last month and as expected it’s been setting the shoegaze here and elsewhere in frenzy. The music video for their first single is nothing remarkable – a mix of live shows, behind the scene studio stuff, and general goofing about – but fits nicely with the song.

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