MV Weekly: Backspace, AV Musik, XY Pattern

Four young rockers hit the road, and a multinational trope looks to bring out the best in the world – here’s the latest videos from Backspace and AV Musik.

Backspace – Tour Video

There’s no way around it – I’ve been crushing hard on Backspace this year. The Beijing indie rockers have been killing it left and right, eventually nabbing themselves a nice little Maybe Mars deal and earlier this month setting off on their first China tour. Four dates ain’t much to brag about, but it’s a hell of a start to what will surely be a fruitful musical career ahead of them. Along for the ride was Fu, of Chaosit, a super dope promotion team that puts out so out there event, who sliced together the moments, gigs, and general mood of the tour ever so perfectly. Wish more tour videos were more like this.


AV Musik – Residents of the Blue Planet 色星球的居民

A little cross cultural bridge building on display here from AV MUSIK – made up of a group of musicians based in China, Cameroon and France who revel in everything from jazz, funk to afro rock, melding together the traditional songs of Africa, French music, and American soul. ‘Residents of the Blue Planet’ finds the trope hitting the sun-soaked streets of Paris and Beijing, and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face, and give you a little hope for humanity I don’t know what will. Expect to see lead man Simon on a LBM exclusive in the near future.

XY Pattern – Feng Fangjian疯房间

The sound-art team XY Pattern featuring artist Xu Xiaoguo and Li Yanzeng in 2015, goes beyond sound exploring everything from video, installations and other art forms attempting to bridge and express their viewpoint by combining these dual layers of perception and experience. This ‘field theory’ is very much at play in their video for their piece ‘Crazy Room’ which finds the two in a derelict building surrounded by pots of water making ambient music. The camera just about becomes a character of its own, creeping in and out of corners intrigued by the sounds emerging from the room.

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