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How about some more music videos to occupy your time? So cool vids making their way out there – so grab some snacks and immerse your eyes with these moving pictures – here’s the latest MVs from Nova Heart, CMCB, and Nomadic.

Now that’s a MV folks – I remember hearing back in June about the shoot surrounding Nova Hearts ‘Beautiful Boys’ – namely that it wouldn’t be holding any punches. And boy, does this baby shot for the stars. A cross-dressing (transsexual?) getting work done across our lovely city in all our favorite places where said work gets done – all before heading home to his lovely family. There’s no way you’re not gonna feel dirty after this one. Huge props! Exactly what a great music video should accomplish.

As I mentioned yesterday no one does hip hop metal quite like CMCB – the longstanding outfit they’re a genuine appreciation of the form that feels natural as opposed to manufactured. For their just released music video for ‘Beautiful Time’ (时间的美丽) – their latest single off their album 2013, which was released this past spring – they give physical (at least in ones’ mind) manifestation to the temptations and evils of living in this day and age. It’s a slow burn of a song, one that hits many of the same chords of bands in Beijing – but CMCB inject quite a bit of humanity and earnest to those lyrics that it’s hard to feel the overwhelming stress which our video’s protagonist, a patient at a mental institution, is going through. Not the crispest video (it gave me bad memories of that Stain video) with an intro that goes overstays its welcome – but a nice addition to CMCB’s extensive catalogue.

Last we have a MV for Hohhot-based Mongolian outfit Nomadic – who have been kicking it around here and there, touring across China, Russia, and Mongolia, and are primed to release their debut album Humans on Earth tomorrow, Wednesday, at Jianghu Bar. The video is for a song called ‘Life’ – it’s exactly what you’d expect form a Mongolian band – vast beautiful landscapes an array of instruments, and of course the band itself kicking ass and taking names. What’s stands out is the juxtaposition of those shots with shots of factories, fast city streets and decaying wildlife. A nice touch, which adds some pathos to the show (and man, does the lead’s voice get creepy at times). Oh, and subtitles too, that’s cool. Not too shabby, a fine piece of work that highlights exactly what it should – might just have to check these guys out tomorrow.

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