MV Releases: Nine Treasures, Low Bow, Tang Dynasty, CNdY


Another lazy Monday as I prepare some more live footage for ya’ll – in the meantime, how about you gorge yourself on this latest batch of music videos, promos, and miscellaneous nuggets from some of Beijing’s local talent including pagan metal outfit Nine Treasures, trash blues duo Low Bow, electronic party makers CNdY, and China’s first metal band Tang Dynasty. Take a look.

Looking to capitalize on their well earned hot streak after wowing audiences at the Wacken Festival in Germany back last spring, Mongolian pagan metal trope Nine Treasures kicked off a seven city tour last month which ends this Friday, December 13th, at Mao Livehouse. That’s the promo above – short and sweet – love the execution on it. Exactly what a promo should do – build some tension and get me all wet and antsy. I’d highly recommend checking them out this weekend.

A bit old but hey – I’ll still digging into Tang Dynasty’s latest so here you are. Two MV’s have been released with the the metal groups latest effort – first for their title trick ‘Thorn’, which projects horrific images from the Iraq War, and countless other contemporary conflicts over a tattooed body. Check that one out here. While predictably shocking, I found their second MV, for their track ‘Zebra’, more effective and imaginative – which plays with our supposed images of everyday people, blurring the lines’ of ‘good and bad’ (looking at people from another perspective, i.e backwards) as well as creating a wildly fun motif using a cardboard box as a lens in which we view things. Not really sure how that one works – but hey, visually, it’s pretty cool. Reminds me of an oldd Wendys’ Halloween commercial where the zombies were always reaching out of the television to grab the food.

I’m kinda fixated on electronica trio CNdY right now – they’re one of the few groups who are actively bridging the gap between electronica music and rock and roll in ways that seem at once fresh and clear. While their garner wider acclaim here, they’re taking some interesting detours alogn the way – their latest endeavor has been remixing singer-songwriter Peng Tan\’s (who released this gem this past spring) single \’墨荭潮\’ – here’s a look at them getting at it in their usual get-up – which I can only imagine makes mixing lot more difficult. It’s a sharply made piece of promotion, which highlights the trio’s studio pad complete with wires, soundboards, mixers, and the whole nine yards (which is like porn for some of you readers I’m sure). Check out the remix EP here.

Trash blues duo Low Bow have been riding a wave of a good outings, solid releases, and online promotion – their media onslaught continues with this cute DIY music video shot in their practice space for ‘Man Talk’ – which I can’t say without using my most faux manly voice ever. Beauty in the simplicity – delayed video effects, nice illustrated overlays, and the evil twins themselves in all their glory. Catch the two this weekend, first at XP, Friday, December 13th and at Blue Stream Bar, Saturday, December 14th as Cloud Choir.


Alright back to those Monday Blues.

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